Evan Levine - A Day in the Life
American, b.1984
A Day in the Life, 2007
Acrylic on linen, 48 x 48 inches

Gift of Debra and Michael Gelband (MBA '83)

Levine is informed by a mixture of influences including modern and contemporary American abstraction, folk art, popular culture, 80's neo geo painting, video games, maps, painted signs, cartoons, music, and the digital computer age.

In A Day in the Life (named after the Beatles song of the same name) Levine takes us through his daily routine starting from the top left of the canvas and moving down line by line to the bottom right corner of the picture. Each aspect of his day is represented by its own hand painted pictographic shape which is repeated at least twice. Each repeated shape has its own character because it is painted slightly different from the others. The surface texture, which was created through squeezing acrylic paint directly out of a store bought tube, is intended to enhance the sense that the painting is not only a picture but a physical object that exists in real space.