Ellen Lanyon - Riverwalk
American, b.1926
Riverwalk, 2000
Lithograph with collage, 32 x 46.25 inches
Edition 16/25
Landfall Press

Alumni Gift

Lanyon has always described herself as a Chicago based artist. However, when she received a commission to produce the largest piece of public art ever commissioned by the City of Chicago, the whole world associated her with Chicago. Inspired by her grandmother, an artist in the late 1800s, Lanyon went on to be a great contemporary artist. One of Lanyon’s predominant themes has always been to show how every living creature is linked, and that their fate is intertwined with technology. Because of this, her paintings, prints, and ceramic almost always contain nature, or some sort of technical device.

This Print was based on a commission Lanyon received from Chicago City Government. The commision was a 336 foot long wall instillation of twenty eight narative and decorative panels based on the history of Chicago beginning in 1963.