Catherine Kernan - Traversal II
American, b.1948
Traversal II, 1983
24-color screenprint, 21.5 x 29 inches
Edition of 44
Stewart & Stewart

Alumni Gift

Kernan is an American painter and printmaker who emerged on the art scene in the late 70’s. She is most well known for her close examinations of landscape forms. She concentrates on multiple layers of pattern. Often times, in order to depict these layers, she has to use an intricate array of printmaking techniques including monoprinting, etching, and woodcuts. Because of this complex printing method, her prints are usually limited to small editions.

Traversal I and II were inspired by the time the artist spent living in the Greek Isles. There, the horizon line is an important and constant presence in the visual field. Kernan draws on this to create a very unique linear arrangement.