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In this 2-week Lean Leaders program, we build the foundation for a strong Lean culture.  In the first week, participants learn how to make improvements at the operational level, while developing the leadership skills needed to drive change. Topics explored through exercises “on the floor” include: Standardized Work, Job Instruction Training, Waste Elimination, Motion Study, Line Balancing, Takt Time, A3 Problem Solving, Built-in-Quality, and Visual Control.  

Following a one-month break, participants return to the Operations Leadership Factory to learn more advanced topics which focus on meeting customers’ expectations of Just-in-Time delivery.  In the first half of the week, we learn how to decrease inventory and variability in the system using tools such as 1x1 Flow, Kanban, Quick Changeovers, and Leveled Production.  The latter half of the week focuses on the management behaviors necessary to practice Lean and realize its greatest potential.  Hands-on exercises are used to explore higher-level topics such as Lean Management Systems, Leader Standard Work, Value Stream Mapping, Total Productive Maintenance, and Coaching Problem Solving. 

Participants in this program are typically high-potential managers, engineers, and shop-floor supervisors who take an active role in continuous improvement activities.


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