Asia Business Conference
Saturday, February 2, 2013 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Siegle Cafe, Robertson Auditorium, Ross Lobby Table #1, Ross Lobby Table #2, Ross Lobby Table #3, Ross Lobby Table #4, Ross Lobby Table #5, Ross Lobby Table #6, Ross Lobby Table #7, Colloquium, Colloquium Hallway
For the last 22 years, the Asia Business Conference has brought leaders of Asia and multinational companies together in Ann Arbor to discuss, debate, and dialogue about trends in the region. This year’s conference will again provide students and local professionals with a unique glimpse into the challenges and opportunities of doing business in Asia.

This is an excellent opportunity to network with political and business leaders from throughout the US and Asia, Michigan business students, and Ross alumni whilst also building a long-term relationship with the University of Michigan. Your participation provides our community with the unique opportunity to learn about how leaders, such as yourself, are shaping the future of Asia.
Sponsor:Asian Business Conference
Contact:Christopher Barr
Audience:Ross Community
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