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Our Web & Application Development team of skilled technology professionals provides Web consultancy and development services to faculty, research centers, and administrative units. We create custom application solutions, often utilizing our enterprise-wide business school database, to meet your changing instructional and business needs. Faculty, staff, Ph.D. candidates and student groups can also use the business school's Webuser server for personal/academic web sites.

  Web Project Consultancy Services

Web & Application Development Team
Computing Services' staff of programmers, application developers, systems analysts, graphic designers, and database experts provide the following services for administrative units, departments, centers, and institutes:
  • Consult on application design and Web strategy
  • Administer enterprise-wide Oracle database
  • Design and implement core information systems and Web sites
  • Provide creative and technical support of your business school Web section
  Faculty Instructional Services

Web Support for the Classroom
We can assist faculty with technology solutions for courses, including online exams, simulations, and web sites that compliment existing CTools and CTools sites.
  • Consult on application design and Web strategy
  • Administer enterprise-wide Oracle database
  • Design and implement core Web sites and information systems
  • Provide creative and technical support of your business school Web section
  eCommerce Integration

Our suite of technology services include a proven system of collecting credit card payment online.  We can integrate eCommerce into the custom Web solutions we build for you.  We utilize CyberSource payment solutions to deliver eCommerce functionality.  CyberSource provides fast, reliable, and secure electronic credit card processing with real-time processing speed.
  Personal/Academic Web Site Hosting Options

Which Service to Use?
There are several options for students, faculty, and staff to post information on the Web, which include campus Web servers, Business School Web servers, CTools, and CTools.  See a comparison of Web Hosting Options available.

Using Business School Web Space
Faculty and staff can host a personal or School-related Web site on Webuser, the Business School's Web server and can manage it directly from their home/office computers.  Student groups may request space to host a school-related web site on the Business School's Webuser server, but will need to use FTP software to transfer files from lab and personally-owned computers to/from the Webuser server.

Student clubs that are officially recognized by the Student Government Association (SGA) can apply for Webuser web club space.

This online tool provides customized bulletin board conference features, chat functionality, and administrative tools. Click here to request a WebBoard for your department or student club.

Setting up personal Web site on Central UM's IFS Web servers

Students, faculty, and staff can use IFS space not only to save personal files but also to host a web site.

  1. Access your IFS space either using FTP software or the  website.
  2. Inside your IFS space is a folder named "Public" (if you do not have one, you can create a new folder with this name in the root level of your IFS folder. This system is case sensitive so be sure to use an upper case "P".
  3. Inside the Public folder you will need to create a sub folder named "html" (case sensitive - use lowercase). Save your web files inside this sub folder.
  4. Your home page must be named index.htm inside this Public\html folder.
  5. Your site's web address is uniqname.
  6. Upload and download your files for editing as needed.

This service is used primarily by students, and by divisions on campus without on-site web servers.  General information about IFS space is on the ITCS Web site.
Faculty and staff at the Business School may also use their IFS space, but may prefer to use the Business School's on-site Webuser service which allows direct access from faculty and staff office computers, whereas IFS websites require FTP from faculty and staff computers.

Please note that Computing Services Web development team does not assist in developing personal web pages. 

  How-To Resources

  Contact Us

To begin your Web project or for more information, contact us at


  Submitting a Project Request

Applications, information systems, and Web sites core to the Business School Web presence are given top priority.  Our staff will meet with you to develop project scope documents for review and approval by unit and school leadership.
Following is the procedure for the submission, review, and implementation of major web projects.
Small scale projects
are typically enhancements to existing products or services that can be completed quickly (a few days to several weeks) with existing staff resources and whose efforts do not impact the delivery of other scheduled products or require significant training. These requests are approved at the discretion of the appropriate Computing Services manager.
Large scale projects
are usually new areas of development, significant improvements to existing products or services, or a project that requires outsourcing for development. Large scale products are typically proposed and approved as part of setting the yearly strategic goals for Computing Services in relation to the school’s yearly goal setting and budgetary process.

Step 1:  Make Your Request

Begin by contacting us at
Step 2:  Determine the Project Scope with Our Staff
The appropriate Computing Services manager will work with the unit/department requesting a new web-based product, multimedia service, feature enhancement, or network service to ascertain the feasibility, fit, and timing of the requested system or feature enhancement. A Project Proposal Scope Document will be generated, that includes information on: features, product benefit to the community, constituents to be served by the product, data requirements, identification of special technical requirements, cost to develop and maintain the product, and the necessary time for completion.
The approval process in Step 2 differs based on small and large scale projects, as defined above.

Step 3:  Prepare Project Plan

If the high-level project proposal is approved from Step 2, or if further information is required before approval can be determined, the Computing Services manager will work with the requestor to prepare a high-level Functional Project Plan Document will be prepared by the team and approved by the requestor. At this stage, the product could be developed in house or the team may recommend that the product be outsourced, based on the availability of resources, special skill requirements or immediacy of need.  At this stage, project members from all necessary Computing Services teams will be assigned to the project.

Step 4:  Identify Milestones

Project team members will identify specific steps (milestones) in the development process and associate technical resources to each step. Steps will include research, product development, testing, feedback collection, modification based on feedback, release to the requestor or community at large, and training.

Step 5: Sign Off

Requestor reviews and signs off on the final product.
  Make vs. Buy?

There are several reasons to have Computing Services work with you:
  • We will tailor solutions to your exact business needs and processes.
  • We are a committed partner, sharing your goals and overall strategies of the business school.
  • We can grow and change with you, as circumstances require.
  • We will work with you to make an informed decision to "Make or Buy."
    • Generally, you should "Buy" standard or best-of-breed commercial solutions...
    • ... and you should "Make" products that require special customized functionality or special integration with existing information systems.
  • We are campus data experts who can analyze data needs and, as appropriate, supplement your data with other campus resources (e.g., DAC, MAIS, enterprise directories, etc.).
  • We are a team of skilled professionals with over 30 years of proven corporate experience.
  • We were awarded the 2001 Computer World Honors Program distinction, recognizing our significant contribution to information technology innovation.
  Project Schedule

Our currently scheduled projects, in addition to our on-going activities, represent the commitment of Computing Services staff and resources. (iMpact login required)