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Video and Multimedia Production Services




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Professional multimedia and video services are available through Computing Services' multimedia team. Using state-of-the art cameras, lighting, sound equipment, and editing software systems, we provide broadcast-quality video for delivery on DVD, CD, and over the Internet.

  Digital Multimedia Services

Event & Conference Video Production
Our event production services can help you reach a broader audience within and outside the School, both during and after the event itself. One venue we have for this is Michigan Views, a feature of the Business School web site, which showcases events at the School with web-delivered video and participant comments. The high-quality video we capture can also be integrated with additional interview videos, photos, graphics and sound to create customized marketing pieces to promote future events.

Interactive Tools for Teaching
We can help you extend the power of video into the classroom, with projects ranging from bringing in guest lecturers via videoconferencing to creating video-based simulations and interactive tools for teaching and research. With the Multimedia Lab (which has 5 video editing workstations) and 25 digital video camcorders available for the Business School community to use, we can also support you in creating your own video for classroom or research projects.

Video Editing/Duplication Services
Video duplication and editing services are available from Software Support.  Email for more information.

Video Conferencing
There are two rooms available for ISDN video conferencing, a classroom, K4354 that will seat up to 40 people and small conference room that will seat up to 8 people. Both are located on the 4th floor of the Kresge Library.  For more information, visit the Computing Services Video Conferencing web page.

  Equipment & Hardware

We use the latest technology to provide video production services:
  • Sony DVCAM Broadcast Quality (ENG) Camera
  • Sony Professional 3-Chip Cameras
  • Heavy Duty Professional Tripod Systems (Sachtler, Miller, Cartoni)
  • Sony Professional Wireless Lavalier Microphone System (to capture recorded audio, not to broadcast house audio)
  • Sony Professional Wired Lavalier Microphones
  • Sennheiser Professional Shot-gun Microphones
  • Shure Professional Boundary Microphones
  • Mackie Professional Audio Mixer
  • Ezbus Professional Digital Audio Mixer
  • Arri Fresnel Tungsten Lights for event/interview videography
  • Professional Teleprompter
  • 4 input Digital Video Mixer/Switcher (live or offline)
  • Canopus Professional Edit/Post-Production Systems
  • Media 100 Edit/Post System
  • Tripod Riser (Spyder-Pod) for elevating camera and tripod
  • S-VHS Professional Decks
  • Digital Video Decks (DVCAM or Mini-DV)
  • Multi-language VHS Deck (PAL, NTSC, SECAM)
  • Broadcast Video Monitors
  • Streaming Video Servers for live web streams
  • Webcast System for Video and PowerPoint Slide distribution via the web (live or on-demand delivery)
  • Rode Broadcaster Professional Voice-over Microphone
  Delivery Media & Formats

  • DVD - MPEG-2 video (DVD-Video) for computer DVD or standalone DVD player playback
  • DVD - AVI, MOV, DIVX, .DV, (presented as a data disc on DVD-R type media)
  • CD - MPEG-1 & MPEG-2 video, SVCD, Quicktime, AVI, Windows Media, Real, MPEG-4
  • Web Formats (audio and video) - Quicktime, Windows Media Files, Real Files, MPEG-1
  • Analog Formats - VHS, S-VHS, Tape, Hi-8
  • Digital Formats - MiniDV Tape, DVCAM Tape
  • Audio Only Formats - CD, DVD, Cassette Tape, MiniDisc
  Contact Us

For more information about our video and multimedia services, email


  Requesting Services

How We Handle Your Requests
Core content video production projects are given top priority.  Our staff will meet with you to assess the scale of your project request, then recommend appropriate resources to address your multimedia needs.

Step 1:  Make Your Request

Contact with your video/multimedia request.

Step 2:  Project Scope and Scale Assessment
If the project request is relatively smaller in scale (a single event or purpose) and requires less than a few days of resource allocation, we will review our project schedule quickly and let you know if we are able to provide services.  If so, we will discuss the details (times, locations, video to capture, delivery media, etc.) and set a timeline for completion.  For significantly larger multimedia projects, we will meet with you to better understand deliverables and goals.

Step 3:  Identify Milestones

Project team members will identify specific steps (milestones) to complete your project, including procuring copyrights and consent forms. 

Step 4: Sign Off

Requestor reviews and signs off on the final product, such as DVD or web-based delivery, etc.