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Who to Call for Assistance




Find this information under ITBasics on the DiscoverIT page in My iMpact.



 General Information

Faculty/Staff Technical Support

Helpdesk: 734.615.3000 Menu 3
Helpdesk Manager, Diana Scheer: 734.936.0060
For HelpDesk hours and other information please see our
Helpdesk page
ITCS Campus Support Desk

ITCS provides account, uniqname, and student e-mail assistance.


Software Training & Assistance
Anjal Smidt: 734.647.7424
Uniqname/Network Accounts
Stacy Wade: 734.763.0462
Lab/Classroom Assistance
Emergencies: HelpDesk 734.615.3000 Menu 1
Lab & Classroom Support Manager: Chris Visel: 734.615.9011
Scheduling: Facilities: 734.764.1364
Tozzi Finance Center Manager:  Kai Petainen 734.763.5183
Distance Learning Center:
Software Support Services
Call 734.615.3000 Menu 2
Student Laptop Support
Laptop Support Manager: Dan Green: 734.647.6731
Facilities Office
Intellectual Properties
Corey Seeman 734.764.9969
Library Database Instruction
Sally Ziph: 734.764.5532
Debbie Gurkin: 734.647.0923
Research Computing
Paul Michaud: 734.763.5677

 Ordering Information

Computer Equipment & Software
Diana Scheer: 734.936.0060
Computing Supplies
Toner, paper, disks, etc.
Christy King: 734.763-0462
 Planning Information

Chief Technology Officer and Director, Computing Services
Ed Adams: 734.763.6614
Network Administration
Helpdesk: 734.615.3000 Menu 3 
Computing Deployment & Desktop Planning
Diana Scheer: 734.936.0060
Software Training & Assistance
Anjal Smidt: 734.647.7424
Web Development & Administrative Information Systems
Brian Greminger: 734.647.7274
Lab/Classroom Software
Chris Visel: 734.615.9011
Research Computing
Paul Michaud: 734.763-5677