Other UM Career Resources

  • Central Campus Career Center (formerly Career Planning & Placement)
    Servicing the entire University of Michigan, The Career Center offers additional assessment tools, forums & career fairs, job postings, and houses a library of job search resources.
  • Alumni Association Career Services
    Current U of M students and member alumni have access to many of the career services offered by the Alumni Association of the University of Michigan. Resources include a job board, articles & tips, career guides, and alumni network.
  • Student Employment Office
    Offers postings for work-study and on-campus temporary student employment.
  • University Employment Opportunities
    View job postings for temporary and full-time work within The University of Michigan.
  • International Center
    Workshops on visa issues, international job searches and more are offered by the International Center here at U of M. Their office also houses an extensive reference center for students looking to work abroad.