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Services for Faculty

Kresge Learning Support makes every effort to provide excellent service for your instructional and curricular needs and accommodate any scheduling emergencies. However, there are some extraordinary circumstances in which we may not be able to assist. Below please find a brief summary of our policies. For additional information, please review our Handbook.

Student Refunds

Students are not eligible for a refund on any part of the course materials that the instructor later decides not to use in the course. Refunds are granted only to students who formally disenroll from (or “drop”) the course.

Access for Non-Registered Students

Instructors may not share course materials, either digitally or in print format, with an individual - including one who is “auditing” the course - who has not paid all course materials costs and fees.

Payment for Participatory Materials
E.G., Simulations, Tours, or Negotiation Exercises

If using the Student-Pay payment model, instructors agree to support Kresge Learning Support (KLS) procedures for reminding students to purchase these materials; for example, by withholding access codes, class credit, or final grades until the purchase is completed.