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Hosmer-Hall Interdisciplinary Research Luncheons


Attendance is limited to Ross School of Business Faculty only.
All sessions are held in the Ross Colloquium
with lunch starting at 12:00pm.
Presentations begin at 12:10pm and end by 1:00pm.
Curated by Katherine Burson, Associate Professor of Marketing



Jan 21
Kanishka Misra, Marketing
Will a Fat Tax Work?
Jan 28
Feb 4
Scholar's Journey Lunch
   Stephen G. Leider, Technology and Operations
   Susan J. Ashford, Management & Organizations
Feb 11
Anocha Aribarg, Marketing
Private Label Imitation of a National Brand: Implications
for Consumer Choice and Law

Feb 18
AAPS Mid-Wtr Break - No Session
Feb 25
Isacco Piccioni, Finance
Security, Potential, Goal Achievement, and Risky Choice Behavior
Mar 4
Ross Winter Break - No Session
Mar 11
No Session
Mar 18
Yesim Orhun, Marketing
Impact of Competition on Quality Decision: Theater's Movie Choices
Mar 25
Scholar's Journey Lunch
   Felipe Csaszar, Strategy
   Denis Sosyura, Finance
Apr 1
Jun Li, Technology and Operations
Dynamic Pricing in Online Retailing: From Insight to Implementation