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Management and Organizations

The M&O Area develops leaders who make a difference in organizations, teams, and communities. Our courses equip students with essential skills, knowledge, and capabilities to excel as leaders in any specialty area, including finance, marketing, accounting, or operations management. M&O is recognized as among the best departments in the world in developing leaders who can serve as high performing managers, change agents, consultants, or entrepreneurs.
The M&O faculty is generally considered as one of the very best in the discipline. It is recognized for cutting-edge research in change management, corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, cross-cultural management, managing identity, leadership, networks, organizing, positive organizational scholarship, pro-activity, resilience and social movements, to name a few. It is a highly interdisciplinary faculty with many faculty members holding joint appointments and affiliations with departments across campus, including Psychology, Sociology, Education, Natural Resources, Organizational Studies, and Public Policy. Faculty members are committed to excellence in teaching, research, and service. M&O faculty members hold leadership positions in the discipline's professional associations as well as editorial board memberships in its most prestigious scholarly journals. As a result, the M&O faculty has helped shape the field of management and organizational studies, and it aspires to continue to have significant impact on the future of research and practice.

We do not have any open positions at this time.

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