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Business Economics

Our group comprises applied microeconomists whose areas of expertise span a range of fields. Our primary concern is the study of markets and firm behavior, with a strong commitment to the study of relevant public policies. As a result of this emphasis, our Group has evolved to include experts in the areas of antitrust, contracting, environmental economics and regulation, health, labor, law and economics, organizational economics, productivity, taxation, and transition and developing economies. The research of our faculty is carried out, in part, through affiliations with research centers at the University of Michigan, including the Office of Tax Policy Research and The Erb Institute. Members of the group also serve in an editorial capacity at numerous professional journals.

Our instructional mission includes core courses in the University of Michigan Ross School of Business BBA and MBA programs, where the emphasis is on the principles of microeconomic analysis, and how to apply these principles to business decision-making and public policy evaluation. In addition to the core courses, we offer electives in both programs that are geared to the needs of future entrepreneurs and managers. We also train future faculty members and researchers through our BE Ph.D. program

Thank you again for your interest in our group, and best of luck in your search.

We currently have no open positions.

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