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Spotlight! Team Project Showcase and Scholarship Competition

September 13, 2024


The Spotlight! 2024 Team Project Showcase & Scholarship Competition is a competitive presentation of the solutions developed and implemented by teams of graduate business + engineering students during their operations-based team projects. Teams present the impact of their projects to a select panel of corporate executives while vying for academic scholarships.

Team project presentations demonstrate each team's innovative solutions for a sponsoring company's operations challenge. The teams address challenges such as process, manufacturing, supply chain, and inventory management optimization; strategic and technology assessments; sustainability; and new product development. Students employ operations theory and advanced techniques learned at the Tauber Institute to various industries - and provide significant financial savings for their sponsors.

The Spotlight! Awards Ceremony includes:

  • Project sponsor longevity award(s)

  • Faculty longevity award(s)

  • Faculty trailblazer award(s)

  • Tauber Alumni Scholarship award(s)

  • Spotlight! team project awards (1st, 2nd, 3rd place teams)

Spotlight! offers an excellent opportunity to gain exposure to new ideas in operations presented by the next generation of operations leaders. Join us by registering today!

*The Spotlight! Team Project Showcase and Scholarship Competition is a private competition open to Tauber students, sponsors, alumni, faculty, Industry Advisory Board members, and staff. If in question, don't hesitate to contact a Tauber staff member. 

Not open to the public. 


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