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Graduate Student Life 

Ross students get involved in the community in a variety of ways.  Students at Ross are able to collaborate with faculty and staff to create a positive impact on the Ross experience through a diverse array of opportunities such as Student Government, student organizations, and student-led conferences.

Graduate Student Life is here as a resource for current students.  Crisis support and support of Ross partners are just some of the ways Graduate Student Life supports students.  In addition, Gradate Student Life works with club leaders through a  series of leadership workshops designed to prepare students for the leadership roles they take on.  Trainings, leadership summits, visioning workshops, and transition coaching are all a part of what this curriculum offers to student leaders.

Graduate Student Life also exists to help students during their transition to Ross and Ann Arbor by providing resources, email updates, and reminders in the months and weeks leading up to orientation.


Contact information:


Phone: 734-647-6543

Location: MBA Program Office - E2540