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Partnering with Alumni and Business

Michigan Business School alumni contribute generously to the intellectual life of the school, speaking to classes and at conferences, recruiting and mentoring students, and supervising students in action-based learning programs.

Women in Leadership
Stacey Davis Stewart, MBA ’87, president and CEO of the Fannie Mae Foundation, gave the keynote address at the 11th Annual Women in Leadership Conference and spoke at the 2004 Spring Commencement.
Mastering Manufacturing in a Global Market
Andrew Masterman, MBA ’93, president of Walbro Engine Management, the world’s largest manufacturer of carburetors, served as a judge at Spotlight! 2003, a day-long competition held in September. Forty-five Business School and College of Engineering students competed for $35,000 in scholarships at Tauber Manufacturing Institute’s Spotlight! 2003.
Developing Future Business Leaders
Pete deVaux, BBA ’66 and MBA ’70, head of deVaux Consulting of Verona, Virginia, and a member of the Wilson Birthplace Foundation Board of Trustees, mentored Sarah Davis when she served on the foundation’s board.
Connecting Students with Business
Sam Wyly, MBA ’57, was instrumental in arranging for a MAP team to work with the largest retail provider of less-polluting electricity in the United States—Green Mountain Energy in Austin, Texas.