University of Michigan Business School
The Michigan Difference. Leadership Through Action.

About the Campaign

Goals for the Business School Campaign

In 2003, the Michigan Business School unveiled a strategy to create a distinctive Michigan approach to business education. The strategy is the cornerstone of the school’s $350 million fundraising campaign, The Michigan Difference: Leading in Thought and Action, for facilities and endowment. The campaign has earned endorsements from some of the school’s most prominent and generous donors, including Stephen M. Ross, William Davidson, Sanford Robertson, John R. Tozzi and Samuel Zell.

Students, alumni, faculty and business leaders have embraced the school’s strategic position, which is anchored on four core values:

  • Develop broad-based intellectual capital with impact: endowed professors, clinical professorships and research funding
  • Innovation in business education: MBA core curriculum, BBA program, leadership development and scholarships
  • Capitalize on co-creation opportunities: Centers and institutes and student/school designed educational experiences
  • Connect theory and practice: Action-based learning

“People in the work world see what we are doing as a way to differentiate the Michigan Business School from the industry as a whole. I think people feel we are on the right track,” says Dean Robert J. Dolan. “We talk about the need to develop leadership capability, to help people do more than solve well-defined problems. We need alumni support as we seek to ignite young minds, develop fresh and influential ideas on business practice, and continue our legacy of excellence. Michigan’s programs require great hearts and minds. Our programs also require state-of-the-art facilities due to their multidisciplinary nature, their team orientation and their global scope.”

For more about giving to the University Michigan Business School, visit The Michigan Business School Campaign.