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Clubs & Organizations

Beyond the curriculum, the highly active student organizations at Ross create great social and professional opportunities. Many diverse interests and needs are represented, providing a wide choice for your extracurricular involvement. The school's  Student Government Association (SGA), officially recognizes and supports the following Ross student clubs and organizations for 2005-2006:

  Career Interests Community Service Diversity Social Sports Other
bullet Asian Business Association
bullet Black Business Students Association
bullet Black Business Undergraduate Society
bullet Brazilian Business Student Association (BRASA)
bullet Coram Deo- Christian Business Students
bullet European Business Club (EBC)
bullet Greater China Association  
bullet Hispanic & Latin Business Students Association
bullet Indian Subcontinent Business Association
bullet Jewish Business Students
bullet LDS Business Students Association
bullet Michigan Business Women (MBA)
bullet Michigan Business Women (BBA)
bullet Out For Business
LGBT Student Association
bullet Southern Club