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Course Materials

Kresge Library Services partners with and University of Michigan Printing Services for the production and delivery of course materials selected by your Faculty. Typically this material is copyright restricted and permissions must be obtained prior to use in a course materials packet.

Course Preparation Checklist

Print or save digitally and use to insure tasks are completed.


An announcement is posted on respective CTools or Canvas site for each class approximately 2 weeks before classes begin with important ordering, printing and refund information (How-To-Guide.) If you don't see an announcement, there is no course materials purchase required for the class (but may be at a later date).

  • All course materials are in digital format (downloadable pdf files, view via annotation app provided free from or use your favorite thrid-party app).
  • For an additional fee, you may choose to purchase a printed copy called a TEXTPAK. You may choose this option when purchasing the digital content or purchase later (up to the Textpak deadline set each term; see Course Material Purchase Dates at right.)
  • TEXTPAK purchases are non-refundable.


Digital course materials are available immediately after purchase from

If you purchased a non-refundable TEXTPAK, an email is sent within 2-4 business days after your order was placed confirming that your TEXTPAK is available for pickup.

Pick up hours and location: Kresge Annex - Law School, 102 Legal Research

  • All pick up orders will require a valid photo ID (MCard, driver's license, or passport).
  • If you need someone to pick up your order for you, contact us at with:
    • your name
    • your order ID number
    • name of the person picking up your order. The person picking up your order must show photo ID.
  • TEXTPAKs include only those materials that are printable. Links, websites, or spreadsheet files are not included.

If you do not receive an email within 2-4 business days of your order, please contact us.

Contact if you have any other TEXTPAK questions

Refund Policy

Refunds for digital course materials ONLY will be made if the following conditions are met:

  • Your request is submitted by the refund date for the term (see Course Material Purchase Dates at right)
  • You were enrolled in the course prior to purchasing the digital content and have officially dropped the course
  • Material was not viewed or printed
  • Email a refund request to

Your refund request will be processed within 1-3 days provided the policy conditions were met.

NO REFUND will be provided for printed TEXTPAK.

Course Reserves

Course Reserves are items faculty have selected to make available for a short period of time. They are located in the Askwith Media Library, Room 2002, second floor Shapiro Library.

Look for the "Library Materials" tab in your class CTools site for a list of items on reserve for your class. Alternatively, you can search the Mirlyn Catalog Course Reserves (select this in the upper right) to locate items on reserve for your class.

Assignment and Exam Pick Up & Review

The Kresge Learning Support Team staffs a central office where you can pick up or review an assignment or exam in a secure, supervised manner. An MCard or photo ID is required to receive materials.

Have a question, technical issue, comment, or suggestion? Contact us.