The Kresge Library Dash is an occasional podcast series designed to provide you with tips and tricks for using the library and working with library resources and databases.

You can subscribe to our podcast series at the Kresge Library Dash iTunes page, a part of the Ross iTunes site, or download podcasts here as Quicktime files.


Unless otherwise noted, podcasts are in enhanced audio format and include images and links.

Episode Title Download
1 Welcome to the Kresge Library Quicktime (5.03MB) / iTunes
2 Company Information Quicktime (7.76MB) / iTunes
3 Market Research Quicktime (5.74MB) / iTunes
4 Market Share Quicktime (7.76MB) / iTunes
5 SWOT Analysis Quicktime (3.61MB) / iTunes
6 Intro to Kresge Library (video) Quicktime (107MB) / Quicktime Large (234MB) / iTunes
7 MAP Resources Quicktime (4.51MB) / iTunes
8 MAP Resources Usage Guidelines Quicktime (2.45MB) / iTunes
9 Private Company Information Quicktime (5.49MB) / iTunes
10 Jumpstart Your Job Search Quicktime (2.45MB) / iTunes
11 Industry Research Quicktime (4.06MB) / iTunes
12 Analyst Reports Quicktime (5.13MB) / iTunes
13 Company Information Quicktime (5.13MB) / iTunes

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