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UMIAA Members

“I believe countries and economies will prosper the most when they collaborate and create with each other extensively.”

Bharat Desi // MBA '81
Co-founder & Chairman
Syntel Inc.

“We bring money and experience to help build a company that contributes back to society.”

Raghu Mendu // MBA '81

“I was impressed by how many people came forward to help others (at the University of Michigan Business School). I really carried that with me.”

Sanjay Mirchandani // MBA '89 // Co-Founder, UMIAA
Mirchandani Group


“The best part of my learning at the University of Michigan Business School was what Ross now calls MAP. Even today, I use principles from an analysis, planning and control course on most decisions I make.”

Bharat Patel // MBA '69 // Co-Founder, UMIAA
Chairman & Managing Director (retired)
Procter & Gamble India Ltd.

“I was drawn to Michigan's international business program and its proximity to the U.S. auto industry.”

Sudhir Rao // MBA '84
Renault India

“The Ross MBA helped me grasp the nuances of our business and gave me a global perspective of business due to the interactions with students from across the world. It gave me confidence and a very strong background in order for me to make decisions and drive the business forward.”

Sanjay Reddy // MBA '89
Vice Chairman
GVK Power & Infrastructure Ltd.

“I think in many ways the entrepreneur is the freedom fighter of today.”

Gopal Srinivasan // MBA 83
Chairman & Managing Director
TVS Capital Funds Ltd.