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IC1: Visual Marketing

  Brand logos; packages; advertisements in magazines, newspapers, television, billboards, and on the World Wide Web; and point-of-purchase stimuli, such as store displays, shelf talkers and flyers, are omnipresent. Visual marketing stimuli are a dominant part of today's consumer environment.

But in spite of the large amounts of money invested in visual marketing activity, its theoretical underpinnings have long been lacking, and thus its potential effectiveness insufficiently reached. This situation is changing, with leading research groups in marketing and consumer behavior establishing this new field of visual marketing. Much can be gained from the emerging insights into the effects that brands, package designs, advertisements and other visual tools have on consumers' visual perception, and into the role that visual perception plays in shaping consumer behavior.

  A conference exploring varied directions of this growing area of study was held in June of 2005. "IC1 Conference: Visual Marketing: Theory and Action," was hosted by the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan and supported by the Ross School of Business Dean's Office and The Yaffe Center for Persuasive Communication. Please visit the links within the right hand menu bar on this page for further information.




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