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Visiting Scholars

As part of its international outreach, Ross Global Initiatives facilitates the appointment of Visiting Scholars at the Ross School of Business. Visiting Scholars enrich the University environment and contribute to greater diversity and the exchange of ideas. Collaborations with business faculty often lead to innovative research projects, team teaching and development of innovative teaching materials. Visiting Scholar status requires sponsorship by a member of the Ross School faculty.

The Visiting Scholar program is designed for individuals who wish to study and conduct research at the University of Michigan without earning academic credit. Visiting Scholars may audit classes (without earning academic credit) with the permission of the instructor and utilize library resources.

Scholars will have access to the University's computer system, but because of a space shortage, the Ross School of Business cannot guarantee office space for visiting scholars.

Visiting Scholar status is a courtesy appointment and a privilege, but does not provide any financial support. Appointments are initially granted for up to one year and may be renewed with sponsor permission. Visiting Scholars have come from many different countries, including China, Bangladesh, the Netherlands, and Italy.

If you are a member of the Ross School faculty who is interested in bringing a foreign-national scholar to the United States, contact Ross Global Initiatives at  to express your interest. The Global Initiatives staff will process the required paperwork and answer any questions regarding insurance coverage, transportation, medical care, etc.