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Health and Safety
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As your students travel throughout the world pursuing their goals and passions, you continue to be concerned about their health and safety. Be assured that the University of Michigan has excellent travel abroad health insurance through HTH Worldwide that your student is required to have while travelling abroad. In addition, should a natural disaster, political unrest, or other emergency occur where your student is travelling, the full weight of the University of Michigan will be utilized to ensure his or her safety. It is essential and required that your student registers his or her trip in the University Travel Registry through his or her Wolverine Access account prior to departure so that assistance can be given by the University if necessary. Please note that your student is responsible to make sure he or she is registered.

In addition to the safeguards the University has in place, Ross encourages you to talk to your students about these important safeguards to ensure they are aware of the resources that are available to them while they travel abroad. We also recommend that you keep a copy of your student's travel plans and documentation. Copies of the following are recommended:

  • Passport (copy of photo page and visa, if applicable)
  • HTH Insurance Card
  • Airline Ticket
  • Full Itinerary, including contact information for hotels or places where they plan to stay overnight
  • Credit Card Numbers

Full access to all of the University of Michigan Global Health & Safety policies can be found at Global Michigan.