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Health and Safety
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Faculty & Staff Travel

Registering your travel with the University of Michigan Travel Registry gives you blanket coverage for both your health and safety while abroad on University-related travel.

Keeping You Healthy

Faculty and staff traveling on University business are automatically covered by HTH Travel Abroad Insurance.

Register with HTH Business using the University of Michigan company access code 18421-UMBT-BTG180. Once registered you can use HTH's Global Health and Safety databases, which give you convenient access online and via handheld mobile communication devices to the resources you need to access health care while abroad.

HTH Business

In addition, as a benefit of being part of the University community, you are able to purchase HTH Travel Health Insurance for your leisure travel. This inexpensive insurance is extremely valuable in the case of needed routine medical care and priceless should an emergency medical situation arise.

HTH Leisure Travel Insurance

Keeping You Safe

The University is committed to support you should an unforeseen natural disaster, political upheaval or the like occur while abroad. Faculty and staff travelling internationally on University business are required to enter their itinerary in the University Travel Registry prior to departure. In addition, as a benefit of being a part of the University community, you may enter your personal travel into this database and the University will be able to assist you if the need arises.

U-M Travel Registry

Let Someone Know Your Plans

In addition to the safeguards the University has in place, we recommend that you designate a trusted individual remaining in the U.S. with whom you will leave your travel plans and documentation. Give a copy of information to this person and keep another copy with you while abroad:

  • Passport
  • HTH Insurance Card
  • Airline Ticket
  • Full Itinerary
  • Credit Card Numbers