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Go Global - Graduate Opportunities

In an increasingly interconnected world, intercultural knowledge and experience is fundamental to succeeding in multinational companies and organizations, establishing global networks, and improving business relations across cultures. Here at Ross, we encourage and enable MBA students to go global; to immerse themselves in different countries and cultures, to develop new perspectives about people and business practices, and to realize that such experiences have a lasting personal and professional impact.

CEOs of Fortune 500 companies ranked hands-on experience and international travel as the best ways to acquire international business skills and knowledge (International Journal of Management and Business, 2010).

Ross and various departments throughout the University offer a wide array of programs and opportunities to help students go global. Explore the current list of opportunities to learn how you can expand your global knowledge both on campus and abroad.

If one of the programs in which you are interested is not currently accepting applications, fill out the Interested Student Form to receive updates via e-mail.