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Research Funding


CIBER serves as a resource to help Michigan faculty broaden the scope of their research initiatives to encompass international business. This new knowledge about the global economic community is disseminated in classrooms and executive-education courses, working papers and published articles and at public conferences and academic seminars. It not only contributes to the excellence of the University and the Ross School but also helps to maintain American competitiveness in the global marketplace. If you are a full-time faculty member in business or a discipline with strong business synergies, such as law, political science, economics or public health, you are eligible to apply to CIBER for a grant to support research that has an international-business component or contributes in some way to the understanding of global economics.

Research projects to date range from a study of garment manufacturing under "fair wage" conditions in developing countries to an examination of how indigenous, non-industrialized groups in Africa and Asia respond to multinational corporations seeking to exploit the natural resources in their region. Once a year, CIBER partners with a department in the Ross School to enhance the hiring package for a particularly promising job candidate. In addition to funding research proposals, CIBER supports faculty research by providing comprehensive administrative services for research projects.

Doctoral Research Funding

CIBERCIBER believes that supporting doctoral students through research funding is important for the development of future faculty members. If your doctoral dissertation focuses on some aspect of international business, you may be able to receive financial support for your research from CIBER.

In order to be eligible for a CIBER award of up to $5,000, your dissertation proposal already must have been approved by a University of Michigan college, school or department. Proposals are welcome from all disciplines, including sociology, political science, anthropology and economics, as well as business.

Allowable expenses under the award program include data-collection expenditures, such as the purchase of publications, duplication costs and online-search charges. Purchases of equipment are not allowable expenses.

In addition, the award money can be used for travel, both domestic and international, including transportation, meals and accommodations. In most cases, travel must be coach class on a U.S. air carrier and meet our federal-funding guidelines.

The deadline for receiving proposals is November 25, 2013. All funds must be expended by Sept. 30, 2014.

For more information, see the following document:

Application Guidelines for CIBER Funding