International Trade and Diplomacy


E. Han Kim, Fred M. Taylor Professor of Business Administration, Professor of Finance and International Business and Director of the Mitsui Life Financial Research Center and East Asia Management Development Center

Expertise: Corporate governance, labor issues, Asian financial markets and economy, mergers and acquisitions, emerging markets.

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Kenneth Lieberthal, William Davidson Professor of Business Administration and Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of Political Science

Expertise: Chinese government, society and economy, U.S.-China relations, American foreign policy in Asia. Served as special assistant to President Clinton and as the National Security Council's senior director for Asia.

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Linda Lim, Professor of Strategy and Director of the Center for Southeast Asian Studies

Expertise: Global business strategies, the world economy, business in Asia. Consults with the United Nations and other international agencies and multinational corporations, can discuss America's financial market turmoil and economic difficulties, rising trade protectionism, and anti-immigrant sentiment in all sides of the political arena.

Contact: (734) 763-0290 or (734) 665-4803 or

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Paolo Pasquariello, Assistant Professor of Finance

Expertise: Information economics, international finance, market microstructure, foreign exchange, financial crises, impact of financial frictions (price manipulation, information asymmetry and heterogeneity, imperfect competition among agents) and human behavior (loss aversion and risk-seeking in losses) on price formation in domestic and international equity, government and corporate bond, currency and real estate markets.

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Jan Svejnar, Everett E. Berg Professor of Business Administration and Professor of Business Economics and Public Policy

Expertise: Economic development and transition, labor economics, effect of government policy on firm performance and behavior of multinational corporations, joint ventures and local firms in transition and emerging market economies, effects of government policies on firms and labor and capital markets, corporate and national governance and performance. Was 2008 presidential candidate in Czech Republic and one of its chief architects of the early 1990s economic reforms.

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Minyuan Zhao, Assistant Professor of Strategy

Expertise: Interaction between firm strategies and external environments in a global context.

Contact: (734) 647-6978 or

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