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Faculty Profiles


Name Office Phone & Fax Email
Peter Adriaens
Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, College of Engineering, Professor of Natural Resources and Environment, SNRE & Professor of Entrepreneurship  
R3250  p: (734) 615-4427 
Allan Afuah
Associate Professor of Strategy  
R5428  p: (734) 763-3740
f:  (734) 936-0282 
Gautam Ahuja
Harvey C. Fruehauf Professor of Business Administration; Professor of Strategy  
R6356  p: (734) 763-1591
f:  (734) 936-8716 
Seth Carnahan
Assistant Professor of Strategy, Stephen M Ross School of Business  
R4460  p: (734) 763-9528 
Haowen Chen
Visiting Res Student 
Felipe Csaszar
Arnold M. & Linda T. Jacob Faculty Fellow, Assistant Professor of Strategy  
R4336  p: (734) 615-4854
f:  (734) 936-6631 
Thomas Neil Gladwin
Max McGraw Professor of Sustainable Enterprise; Professor of Strategy; Professor of Natural Resources and Environment; Erb Institute Director  
R6374  p: (734) 647-4491
f:  (734) 936-0279 
Richard M. Gordon
Clinical Assistant Professor  
R3228  p: (734) 764-5274 
Michael Jensen
Associate Professor of Strategy  
R4440  p: (734) 764-2313
f:  (734) 764-2555 
Aneel G. Karnani
Associate Professor of Strategy  
R5424  p: (734) 764-0276
f:  (734) 936-8715 
Andrew F. Lawlor
Lecturer of Entrepreneurship and Strategy; Director, Global MBA Projects: Business School & The William Davidson Institute  
R3440  p: (734) 763-5809
f:  (734) 763-9768 
Linda Y.C. Lim
Professor of Strategy  
R5330  p: (734) 763-0290
f:  (734) 936-8716 
Len M. Middleton
Lecturer of Strategy and Entrepreneurship  
R3224  p: (734) 763-9226
f:  (734) 615-5517 
Anuradha Nagarajan
Lecturer of Strategy  
R3330  p: (734) 764-6891 
Amy T Nguyen-Chyung
Assistant Professor of Strategy, Stephen M Ross School of Business  
R4442  p: (734) 764-1230 
James Owen Ostler
Assistant Professor of Strategy, Stephen M Ross School of Business 
Antonius Tsai
Adjuct Lecturer  
  p: (734) 615-1796 x51796 
James P. Walsh
A.F. Thurnau Professor; Gerald and Esther Carey Professor of Business Administration; Professor of Management & Organizations; Professor of Strategy  
R4490  p: (734) 936-2768
f:  (734) 764-2555 
James Westphal
Robert G. Rodkey Collegiate Professor of Business Administration; Professor of Strategy; Chair of Strategy  
R5448  p: (734) 936-2574
f:  (734) 615-4323 
Lynn Wooten
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs; Clinical Associate Professor of Strategy and Management & Organizations  
R4330  p: (734) 763-0486
f:  (734) 764-2557 
Xun Wu
Assistant Professor of Strategy  
R4388  p: (734) 647-9542
f:  (734) 764-2555 
Minyuan Zhao
Assistant Professor of Strategy  
R4416  p: (734) 647-6978
f:  (734) 764-2555 
Yue Maggie Zhou
Assistant Professor of Strategy, Stephen M Ross School of Business  
R4446  p: (734) 763-1436 
Emeritus Faculty
Gunter Dufey
Professor Emeritus of Corporate Strategy and International Business and Professor Emeritus of Finance  
  p: (734) 665-3396
f:  (650) 249-3483 
Kenneth G. Lieberthal
William Davidson Professor of Business Administration; Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of Political Science; Distinguished Fellow of the William Davidson Institute  
  p: (202) 238-3594
f:  (202) 797-2485