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Outside Resources
Inter-University Consortium for Political & Social Research

     --one of the world's largest repositories of social science data
Harvard MIT Data Center

     --another massive set of data archives featuring a rapid inteface

     --a Net-accessible database of corporate filings to the Securities and Exchange Commission

     --a constantly-updated news site covering new economy firms and IPOs

     --a supplier of powerful cross-platform software for statistics and data visualization
Organization and Management Theory Website

     --a key starting point for finding out about organizational management and theory
International Network for Social Network Analysis

     --the key site for approaching issues in sociometrics, a mathematically-based method for mapping social relations
Critical Management Studies Workshop

     --a workshop and workgroup site for specialists in critical management studies within the Academy of Management
Social Science Research Network

     --a vast archive of electronic publications in social science, economics, finance, and law
Journal Storage

     --electronically scanned and archived top-end jounals for most major academic disciplines (some access restrictions based on institutional affiliation)
Economic Sociology newsletter sponsored by SISWO in Holland

     --a key site for news about economic sociology in Europe

     --a vital site containing vast resources and links for sociologists in Europe
Social Science Research Council, "The Corporation as a Social Institution"

     --site for the SSRCOs new initiative for funding research in social studies of business organizations, including issues of corporate culture
Section on Economic Sociology, American Sociological Association

     --as a "section-in-formation" of the ASA, scholars in this group are exploring new ways to look at firms as social institutions.
The National Bureau of Economic Research
     --research organization dedicated to promoting a greater understanding of how the economy works - research is conducted by more than 500 university professors around the country, the leading scholars in their fields.

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