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2013 Student Award Winners

All award winners were nominated and selected by their peers

Kristen Schultz, David Hoogmoed, Daniel Fischer Morse and Miguel Andrés Sossa-Mardomingo

David Hoogmoed // BBA ’13 // Frank S. Moran Distinguished Leadership Award
David came to the University of Michigan and the Ross School as a transfer student. Since joining
Ross, he has sought to give back to the community. He served in several leadership roles on the
BBA Council, including student body president. As president, he strengthened relationships with
administration and engaged the BBA community through numerous events. Additionally, David
was involved in the Delta Sigma Pi professional business fraternity, represented Ross at the Emory
Undergraduate Business Leadership Conference, and was selected to the Carson Scholar program.
He also participated in Detroit Partnership Day and Habitat for Humanity while at Michigan. David
joins Accenture in New York this summer. He is honored and humbled to receive this award and
thanks God and his family, friends, mentors, and professors for their support.

Daniel Fischer Morse // BBA ’13 // Global Citizenship Community Service Award
Born in New York City and raised in New Jersey, Daniel has sought to live his life according to one
philosophy — no matter where you came from, you possess immense potential to create a difference
in the world. To help others see the same, he formed a partnership with a youth garden in Detroit,
served as the chief programming officer for Future Civic Leaders (a youth political leadership
nonprofit in Washington, D.C.), and founded the Beet Box, a health-empowerment food cart in
Ann Arbor. While at school, Daniel also was an associate on the MBA-led Social Venture Fund,
and an active member of the Michigan Community Scholars Program and the Program on
Intergroup Relations. In his spare time, he loves to run and go on adventures. A donation is
being made in Daniel’s honor to Neighbors Building Brightmoor, a Detroit-based nonprofit
committed to creating healthy and sustainable neighborhoods.

Kristen Schultz // MBA/MPP ’13 // Frank S. Moran Distinguished Leadership Award
Kristen earned degrees in women’s studies and mathematics from the University of Southern
California. Prior to Ross, she was a fundraising strategist at EMILY’s List, a political action committee
in Washington, D.C., that supports women to political office. There she fused her
analytical ability with her passion for women’s issues, which she pursed during her graduate studies. At Ross, Kristen led her section; co-led Michigan Business Women through a time of significant change; helped create RLIx, a Ross Leadership Initiative program; and kicked off the Give-A-Day fund to support students in less traditional
internships. She also was involved in student government, Ross Net Impact, and admissions. She is joining Deloitte’s strategy practice, upon graduation, where she will focus on the healthcare industry and then seek to impact women’s health in her long-term career. Kristen is grateful for the love and support of her family and Dave. She is humbled and inspired by the Ross community and honored to graduate with this group of Wolverines.

Miguel Andrés Sossa-Mardomingo // MBA/MS ’13 // Global Citizenship Community Service Award
Miguel is a dual-degree student in the Erb Institute for Global Sustainable Enterprise. He believes deeply in learning from and positively contributing toward the sustainable development of underserved communities around the world. He is grateful to his mother, a Cuban refugee, and father, a Colombian immigrant, for instilling in him the virtues of lifelong learning and developing an informed, global point of view. Thanks to their support and that of his friends
and colleagues within Ross and the Erb Institute, Miguel took part in team outreach projects from Indonesia to Detroit. He also helped elevate the Ross School’s conversation around environmental issues by sharing his experiences as a university envoy to the past three United Nations climate change conferences. Miguel is appreciative of his opportunities within Ross and abroad. He accepts this award to help facilitate the creation of a Promise Neighborhood for Focus: HOPE, a Detroit organization that has shaped his appreciation for community
empowerment and redevelopment.