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Capstone Experience

Capstone courses incorporate and synergize what you’ve learned across your BBA — and UM — curriculum. You will complete a capstone course in the final semester of your senior year. Capstone courses can be an integrated academic experience, career focused, or research based.

Integrated capstone courses challenge you to put your entire Ross education into practice:

  • ACC 318 Financial Statements Analysis — Learn frameworks for business analysis and equity valuation, and apply them to a variety of investment, lending, and reporting decisions. In this case-oriented course, you’ll use the latest techniques and information sources of Wall Street professionals. You’ll leave the course with the ability to forecast a firm's future financial performance.
  • TO 465 Business Systems Consulting — You’ll be part of a team cast in the role of consultants to an imaginary company. You’ll work from a portfolio of text, graphics, videotape, lecture, spreadsheet models, computer simulations, digitized factory data, and company financial data. Taking an active role in the company’s operations, your team will develop and "sell" a compelling business case of investment in new processes and systems to the company’s management.

Professional capstone courses focus on actively preparing you for work and life after college:

  • ES 395 Entrepreneurial Management — Entrepreneurship is about overcoming ambiguity, risk, and failure; then embracing it, and learning from it. You’ll explore the many forms of entrepreneurship, including start-up, corporate, social, and public sector. The course prepares you to succeed in an entrepreneurial venture, as you prepare a complete business plan and a presentation to an outside group of investors.
  • FIN 334 Applied Quant/Value Portfolio Management — First, you’ll develop a systematic approach to analyzing stocks from a quant/value perspective. Next, you’ll analyze stocks, risk, and holdings in existing mutual funds. In a final project, you’ll critique four real portfolios from the lens of a senior quantitative analyst and portfolio manager.

Research-based capstone courses may appeal to you if you wish to progress to graduate studies, in areas such as law or public policy, or pursue a PhD:

  • LHC 489 Business and the Public Policy Process — This course offers students from the Carson Scholars program (LHC 488) the opportunity to conduct in-depth research on a public policy issue supporting the university’s dedication to “serving leaders committed to serving the public good.” During fall and the early part of winter semester of your senior year, you will prepare a thesis and present your findings following Spring Break, with an award for the best thesis.
  • BA 380 Senior Seminar — In this honors seminar open to a limited number of BBA seniors, you’ll work in a collaborative environment with a senior professor to develop a thesis that builds on your previous liberal arts and business course work. Through the exploration of ethical, political, historical, psychological, scientific, social, and cultural aspects of current business issues, you’ll develop a well-rounded perspective that is valued in the global environment of business.