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Action-Based Learning

At Ross we want you to experience business while you study it. The support of generous benefactors like Thomas C. Jones, BBA '68/MBA '71, who endowed the Thomas C. Jones Center for BBA Education, bolsters the Ross School's efforts to deliver a fast-paced, action-based, and team-oriented approach to leadership development.

Some of the most dynamic courses we offer place you inside organizations where you apply the theories and principles discussed in class.

  • You may be consulting with healthcare professionals in the University of Michigan Hospital and Health System for Projects in Healthcare (OMS 490).
  • You could be tapped to develop a growth strategy for Whirlpool products in Dynamic Capabilities Through Corporate Development. (STRAT 392).
  • You might pitch your ideas to top executives at Target Corp. in the course Strategic Management of Knowledge in Professional Service Firms (MO 470).

Explore our Institutes and Centers

Experience what it's like to work in investment banking, entrepreneurship, or sustainable business through targeted opportunities with expert faculty, alumni, and industry leaders.

Study in Washington, D.C., and Abroad

Travel to the nation's capital for a week-long immersion into political and judicial decision-making and business. Our Carson Scholars Program at the Washington Campus delivers an inside view of the federal regulatory process. Lecturers include members of Congress, senior White House staff members, and regulatory agency executives, among others.

Spend three weeks with Ross professors in Asia, Latin America, and Europe visiting factories and plants. Speak to local managers about technological innovations and production challenges. Travel opportunities are changed and added every year to keep pace with the changing nature of global commerce.