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Current U-M Students Requirements

All applicants to the Ross BBA program must complete the following requirements by the end of the winter term in the year they apply. We will access and evaluate your U-M transcript after winter term grades have been posted. Any transfer or test credits you wish to have considered must appear on your U-M transcript by the end of the winter term. All credits must be completed with a grade of "C" or better.

  • Any course in Calculus I, II, or III
    • Includes AP credit for Math 120 or 121
    • Includes IB, A-level or transfer credit for an exact U-M course equivalent (not departmental credit, e.g., Math 101X)
  • Economics 101
    • Includes IB, A-level, or transfer credit for the exact U-M course equivalent (not departmental credit, e.g., Econ 101X)
  • Any course approved as First-Year Writing in LSA
    • As approved through the LSA Sweetland Center for Writing
      • Includes transfer credit for any course approved as First-Year Writing at U-M (not departmental credit, e.g., English 101X or ENGCMPTC 101X)
  • Earn at least 27 credits at U-M Ann Arbor, fall-winter, in the year you apply
    • Excludes transfer credits, unless you have transferred to U-M during the same term in which you're applying to Ross.
    • Excludes all AP, IB, or A-level credits.
    • Courses in the School of Kinesiology do not count toward the 27 required credits unless listed as an exception in item 3 under "Non-LSA Coursework" on LSA's Newnan Academic Advising Center website.
    • Excludes Officer Education courses, except those cross-listed in another U-M department.
    • Students who receive only 2 credits in Math 105 after Math 103 must earn only 25 credits fall-winter.