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Current U-M Students Admission FAQs

Q. What are the essay questions for the regular admission application?

1. Describe why you want to pursue a BBA degree at the Ross School of Business, and how the Ross experience will support your personal and professional goals. (500 word maximum)

2. Reflecting upon your high school and collegiate experiences, which of your activities outside of the classroom (either in a group or individual setting) best reflect your most meaningful personal values and strengths? (500 word maximum)

Q. How can I get help with my application and essays?

Current U-M Ann Arbor students should attend the BBA Information and BBA Application Sessions in fall and winter for information and advice. Also, we suggest you ask friends and adults who write well to offer their careful, honest critiques of your essays. Ross admissions staff, including the pre-business peer counselors, do not review application essays. (That would defeat the purpose!) U-M academic advisers, instructors, and writing tutors typically do not review Ross application essays, either.

Q. How many spaces are available, and what are my chances?

Admission is selective. View the BBA Class Profiles for our most recent admission statistics. Each year, 75 percent of our incoming class is enrolled through the Regular Admission process.

Q. May I start the BBA Program in the winter, spring, or summer semesters?

No. There is only one admission cycle each year, and all admitted students start classes in the fall.

Q. What courses look good to the Admissions Committee?

For current U-M Ann Arbor students, we want to see how well you perform at U-M Ann Arbor, especially in quantitative courses. We strongly recommend you:

  • Take a full load each term (usually 14-16 credits).
  • Take courses that are both interesting and challenging to you. We appreciate all fields of study, as long as you challenge yourself.
  • Fulfill the requirements for admission at U-M Ann Arbor, rather than transfer credits from another college.
  • Take at least two rigorous quantitative courses, including Econ 101 and Calculus I, II, or III if you don't already have college credit for these.
  • Generally speaking, don't forfeit AP or other advanced credit in Calculus by repeating the same course in college. Instead, follow it with appropriately challenging quantitative work at U-M Ann Arbor. You could do this by taking either a higher Calculus course or a course in some other challenging quantitative or analytical field.

Q. Is it OK if I am completing the admission requirements when I submit the online application?

YES! For current U-M Ann Arbor students, we look at your transcript after winter-term grades have been posted. Non-Michigan Transfer applicants must complete all the course and credit requirements and submit transcripts by June 1.

Q. Do I have to submit my U-M transcript with my application?

No. For current U-M Ann Arbor students, we have access to your transcript already and will review it after winter-term grades have been posted. Non-Michigan Transfer applicants should include it in the electronic transfer application packet.

Q. I was not accepted for preferred admission. Will this hurt my chances for regular admission?

Not at all! The two application processes are separate.

Q. Should I take a foreign language?

Language study broadens your horizons, and many of our students find a direct benefit to language study because business operations have become highly globalized. However, language study is not a requirement for admission or graduation.

Q. Do pass/fail courses count against me?

Possibly. We look for evidence of academic ability as reflected in letter grades, so we suggest you keep mandatory credit/no-credit courses to a minimum. In the case of optional pass/fail courses for current U-M Ann Arbor students, we have access to the actual letter grade you earned and will recalculate your GPA when reviewing your application. Transfer applicants must submit evidence of the actual course grades earned in all optional pass/fail courses; review how.

Q. My grade in a particular course was not very good. Will this hurt my application? Should I retake it?

It's usually better to move on to a different course than to repeat a course, as long as you meet the admission requirements. We evaluate your overall record, not just one class, and we make some allowance for students to adjust to the academic environment at U-M Ann Arbor during their first semester on campus. In addition to academics, we consider your extracurricular involvement since high school and your Ross application essays.

Q. May I submit letters of recommendation or schedule an admission interview?

No. These are not part of the BBA application or admission review.

Q. If I'm not accepted, may I reapply next year?

Yes. Just keep in mind that the BBA curriculum is a sequenced, three-year program and cannot be accelerated.

Q. May I defer admission or take a leave of absence?

Deferrals are rare and handled individually. Required military service, for example, will require official documentation at the start of your deferral term indicating the completion of your compulsory service. This documentation must be sent directly from your military department. Other instances including, personal, family, and health issues will be addressed on an individual basis.