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graphic Amanda Burriola
BBA '10

Amanda expressed her creativity and knack for innovation in many ways at Ross. She founded the Ross Undergraduate Hispanic and Latin Society, worked as a research assistant, and pursued a minor in history of art.  "Ross is great because you can go to finance and marketing classes one day and history of art classes the next," Amanda says.  As a mentor in the MREACH Program, she also tutored high school students who came to the Ross campus to learn business skills. Most recently Amanda provided guidance to 11th graders who were in the process of starting their own businesses. "I love being able to pass my knowledge on to younger students," she says.

graphic Jessica Constable
BBA '07

Jewelry designer Jess was an entrepreneur before she was a high school graduate. By the time she collected her diploma, she’d also collected about a dozen outlets to carry her budding line. What she really needed at that point was a way to grow her jewelry business while learning to improve it. “All my admissions essays were about how to propel my business to something I could do full time,” Jess says. Once enrolled at Ross, she took advantage of every course, club, and conference that supported her ambition. She was named BBA Entrepreneur of the Year in 2007, and today runs her operation from a studio in Chicago. The JessLC line is sold online and in close to a hundred outlets, from Chicago to Los Angeles.

graphic Bobby Matson
BBA '10

Bobby made the most of just about every resource Ross offers to aspiring entrepreneurs. He was a “regular” at the Zell Lurie Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies, where he participated in the Marcel Gani internship program and received a Eugene Applebaum Dare to Dream grant. Bobby used those resources to help develop his business, My Band Stock, a startup designed to deliver music fans exclusive digital access to their favorite artists. Bobby, a drummer in the band Farewell Republic, hopes to revolutionize the music industry for both musicians and fans. But he says he couldn't have done it without Ross. "I applied to the BBA Program because I knew I had a lot to offer the music business," he says. "Ross set me up so I was able to do music and business, not just one or the other."

graphic Eric Medina
BBA '09

Eric is a competitive person. You have to be if you want to be in finance today. As a board member of Michigan Interactive Investments (MII), Eric helped manage a diversified student-run fund and co-founded the nation’s first Undergraduate Intercollegiate Stock Pitch Competition. In April 2009, MII welcomed teams from 17 schools to Ross to pitch stocks, meet leading market experts, and engage in trading simulations. Alumni came from Wall Street to deliver their views on capital markets, corporate social responsibility, and the current regulatory environment. Eric’s efforts paid off. Today he is working as a trader at Barclays Capital Inc. in New York. “At Ross you’re surrounded by incredibly smart and motivated people who push you hard to get you where you want to be,” Eric says. “I called them my friends and classmates when I was at school. In the future I’ll call them my friends and business partners.”

graphic Amol Mepani
BBA '11

Amol knew he wanted to study business while still in high school. By applying to Ross as a preferred admit, he was able to secure a spot in the class of 2011 before he started classes at the University of Michigan. "I always knew business was for me because I'm a people person," says Amol. "I love interacting with people, and that's really what business is." Amol plans to pursue a career in consulting, so he is honing his skills as a member of Alpha Kappa Psi, a professional business fraternity at U-M, and as a student manager of the U-M football team. He also traveled to Washington, D.C., as a Carson Scholar where he got a rare view inside the public policy process. He interacted with legislators and policy experts to see how new laws and regulations affect business.  "At Ross, there are so many opportunities to meet your academic and extracurricular needs," he says.  

graphic Zoltan Mesko
BBA '09

Zoltan is the definition of working hard and playing hard. As an all-star punter for the U-M Wolverines, he usually could be found on the field practicing when he wasn't studying or attending business classes. But even with his commitments to athletics and academics, Zoltan still found time to volunteer at Mott's Children's Hospital and intern at an investment firm. "Running on to the football field with 100,000 people in the stands is a great feeling," he says. "But so is being able to make a difference in someone's life." Zoltan credits the team at Ross for encouraging him to set high goals. "From the moment I decided I wanted to pursue business, everyone at Ross, from the faculty to the staff, did everything they could to support me and make it possible for me to succeed." In April 2010 Zoltan was drafted by the New England Patriots.

graphic Paul Mestemaker
BBA '09

Paul performed exceptionally well in his classes at both Ross and the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts. High grades earned him regular prizes and scholarships from the University. In one of his favorite classes at Ross, Paul earned first place in the Target Case Study Competition. Outside the classroom, he focused on non-traditional activities. After starting a business and a fraternity, he volunteered as a student ambassador in the Ross school. “Academics are just one part of a solid education,” Paul says. “I shared my story with incoming students to highlight the vast resources available at Ross and throughout U-M.” These days, Paul is a program manager at Microsoft with teams in Seattle and Shanghai.

graphic William Moon
BBA '08

William is a student at Yale Law School with plans to pursue a career as a lawyer and legal academic. While at Ross, he helped found the first academic journal in the United States to promote undergraduate business research. The idea came after he met with some success getting his own articles published in other academic journals. The Michigan Journal of Business is now distributed to more than 200 university libraries worldwide. “Ross was extremely receptive to the idea and provided me with the financial and administrative support,” says William. “Running the journal was like managing a start-up company; I could apply the theories I learned in courses like marketing and management. And it was excellent training for law school.”

graphic Connie Ofori-Dankwa
BBA '10

As associate editor for the Michigan Journal of Business, Connie came to appreciate the value of research produced by business undergrads. In her role at the Journal, she reviewed case studies, theses, and other empirical work produced by her peers across the globe. Connie produced her own research as well. She co-authored a paper on the role of information technology in Ghana and presented it at the International Academy of African Business and Development Conference in 2008. She also volunteered as a seminar assistant and writing consultant for the Preparation Initiative, which offers counseling to U-M freshman considering Ross. "Ideally, I would like to combine my writing and business skills to start a publishing company," says the former Google intern.

graphic Emily Tischler
BBA '11

As a student at Ross, Emily has managed more money than many small business owners. She is the business operations manager for the U-M Solar Car Team, and oversees a $2.5 million budget. "I have much more responsibility than I ever would in a traditional internship," she says. Emily discovered the Solar Car Team after exploring a range of extracurricular activities at the University. "As a member of the team, I work with the most impressive people on campus -- students from around U-M, faculty, staff, engineers, and corporate sponsors," she says. Hailing from Los Angeles, Emily not only traveled across the country for school, but also travels across the world with the Solar Car Team. She hopes to use her experience managing a large budget to pursue a career on the business side of the fashion industry.