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Course Track for Students Interested
in a Sales Career

The Stephen Ross School of Business is offering a concerted set of courses that will advance the sales profession through academic leadership. The integration of these courses has three aims: (1) to create greater awareness of the sales function and sales careers; (2) to give undergraduate students an avenue to undertake studies in sales (both business to business as well as business to consumer sales); (3) to promote career services and recruiting opportunities that enables students to secure sales-related employment. Ross BBA students and students enrolled in otherU-Mcolleges may participate.

The Opportunity

Selling is the function responsible for creating revenue for every business throughout the world. The sales profession allows you to be measured as an individual contributor in your area of responsibility. Sales professionals are empowered to make decisions that maximize productivity and top performers have the potential for exceedingly high compensation.

The Courses

It is recommended that interested students consider completing 12 credits from this menu of courses:

MKT 300 Marketing Management (3cr)
MKT 310  Fundamental of Sales Management (3cr)
MKT 312 Retail Marketing Management (3cr)
MKT 313  Consumer Behavior (3cr)
BL 309 Business Ethics and Accountability (1.5cr) previously LHC 309
BL 310 Negotiation and Dispute (1.5cr) previously LHC 310

Students are strongly encouraged to also participate in various extracurricular and experiential activities; examples include a sales internship, an active membership in the Wolverine Sales Club, participation in a college-level sales competition and interaction with sales management professionals. In addition, Ross Career Services will identify and recruit companies hiring for sales positions for students who participate.

Next Step

Interested U-M students should email to be added to an email group that will be used to distribute more information on courses, employment opportunities, information sessions and guest speakers. Students will receive information on courses, information sessions, and guest speakers; and will be able to decide whether to formally pursue this track.