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MBA Program

The MBA Marketing Program offers a wide range of electives with state-of-the-art content, theoretically challenging yet with strong managerial implications. Students learn marketing concepts and develop valuable marketing skills through lectures, discussions, case studies, group projects and computer simulations. Their studies and class experiences enable students to gain a broader understanding of brand equity, customer relationships, sales teams, distribution systems and pricing structures, and other key aspects of marketing. These key building blocks provide preparation for successful careers in marketing, as well as in consulting, corporate strategy, finance, human resources, operations management and entrepreneurship.

  • teaching an MBA Strategic Brand Management course.
  • teaches an MBA course on marketing research methods.
  • teaches an introductory Marketing Management course to MBA students.
  • Ross School of Business MBA students congregate in the Davidson Winter Garden, a central point of community that encourages collaboration.
  • Marketing Research Design & Analysis focuses on managing marketing research process which provides information as an input to marketing decision-making.