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Business Information Technology Web Site

The faculty of the Business Information Technology department is interested in the relationship between computing and business. We teach courses in several degree programs and work with several affiliated groups in our efforts to maintain contacts with students and industry.

Our programs

We have a variety of classes for BBAs and MBAs ranging from hands-on and development type classes to analytical and strategy-level classes. Our PhD students use a variety of approaches (economic, behavioral, & computational) in different types of problem domains (e-commerce, software development, & supply chain among others). The faculty lead this research and conduct additional research of their own in many other areas (information retrieval, human/computer interface, and many others).

Affiliated groups

This department is also affiliated with several groups and organizations.

  • Research
    The e-Lab is the UMBS’s experimental computing lab which provides the whole Business School community with access to high-performance servers that they can use for describing and advancing the state of electronic and associated forms of business. CREW is a research group that focuses on the design of new organizations and the technologies of voice, data, and video communication that make them possible.
  • Industry outreach
    ISEF & ISIP are groups of information systems executives who are interested in maintaining a relationship with this department’s faculty and students.
  • StudentsThe High-Tech Club and the u-Commerce Club are two student organizations that faculty in the BIT department advise.
Department Administrator:
Pam Russell