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  Accounting Area PhD Program Structure

Accounting Area Doctoral Program
    Raffi Indjejikian, Director


During the first two years of the program, students take courses in accounting, economics, finance, econometrics, mathematics, and other related disciplines. In addition, they also learn programming skills and become familiar with various accounting and business institutions. The latter two activities are pursued through a series of mini-projects outside the course structure. The details of these classes and projects are available to admitted students.

Michigan is a top ranked university in all areas of graduate education. As a result, the range of classes offered here is both thorough and extensive. The faculty and senior students will help each entering student create a schedule of courses best suited for him or her.

The classroom and institutional learning sets the foundations for a first year paper. The paper's proposal is due by the end of the first year, and the paper itself by the end of the first summer. Students present the paper to the faculty in the fall of their second year and receive feedback. The goal of the paper is to introduce the student to the concept of research.

At the end of the second year, students provide another proposal for a second-year paper. The actual paper is due by the end of the second summer. Students present the paper to the faculty in the fall of their third year and receive feedback. The goal of the second paper is to develop in the student the maturity needed to conduct original research. In addition, the students take the preliminary written exam at the end of their second summer.

These complete the requirements for candidacy. The remainder of the program is devoted to collaborative research with other students and faculty as well as successful completion of the dissertation.

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