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PhD Program


  • Anocha Aribarg
  • Doctoral Studies Coordinator

    Our PhD program in marketing is a rigorous yet heterogeneous and flexible in both the range of possible research topics and coursework. With the school emphasis on interdisciplinary research, the department consists of faculty with diverse research interests including Bayesian statistical modeling, empirical industrial organization/structural modeling, brand building, judgment and decision making, social influence and identity, consumer and cultural neuroscience and sensory marketing.


    In addition to taking rigorous courses in the first two years, students will start working closely with faculty on research projects upon entering the PhD program. The students will find that their program of study is strengthened even further by close interaction with faculty from other units of the University, such as the Psychology, Economics, and Statistics Departments, who offer courses aimed at improving research skills and often serve as advisors and dissertation committee members for Marketing students. Our goal is to develop students who will become marketing research scholars at top-tier business schools, where they will continue to conduct research that makes meaningful contributions to the field of marketing.  (less)

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