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PhD Program

Students are expected to take a sequence of rigorous doctoral-level courses over the first two years as a prelude to conducting original dissertation research. These cover methodological foundations (e.g., econometrics and multivariate statistics.), theoretical foundations (e.g., microeconomics and social psychology), and advanced marketing-specific seminars. The course sequence includes both required
courses and electives that speak to students' own interests. We encourage students to achieve master'sdegree competency and certification in one of the basic cognates to marketing, such as psychology, economics, or statistics.

Aside from working directly with faculty from the outset, students complete a large-scale research paper
by the end of their second year of the program, modeled on articles in leading academic marketing

A preliminary exam, which covers marketing-specific and other methodological topics, is given at the end of the second year of the program. Students are allowed ample preparation time, including meetings with individual faculty sharing their interests.

  • Ross Marketing PhD Students
  • Professor Sriram teaching PhD course - Quantitative Research MKT-897