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BBA Program

The BBA Marketing Program offers a distinctive experience incorporating case-based methods of instruction into courses. This training allows BBA students to learn and apply key concepts from real-life examples, better preparing them for careers in marketing. Their studies and class experiences enable students to gain a broader understanding of brand equity, customer relationships, sales teams, distribution systems and pricing structures, and other key aspects of marketing. Students acquire a broad range of skills in marketing management and can go on to strengthen their expertise in a number of areas such as consumer behavior, research methods and advertising.

  • whose research explores consumer judgment and decision making, teaches a BBA advertising course.
  • teaching a MKT 300 Introduction to Marketing course to BBA students.
  • teaches an introductory Marketing Management course to BBA students.
  • BBA students attend an Advertising case discussion.
  • Alfred L. Edwards Associate Professor of Marketing, teaches an introductory Marketing Management course to BBA students.
  • Ross School of Business students congregate in the Davidson Winter Garden, a central point of community that encourages collaboration.