The Marketing Area at the Ross School of Business congratulates winner of the


                                                2011-12 General Mills Award!


At General Mills, each aspect of developing, making, distributing, marketing and selling a product is connected

and collaborative.  General Mills' approach to innovation - "Innovation Intersection" - connects employees with

inventors, academics, entrepreneurs, suppliers, customers and consumers throughout the innovation process.

This Marketing student financial award represents General Mills' commitment to encourage this innovation.

Winners also receive a one-time financial award.




 Sanjukta (Sandy) Banerjee (MBA 2012)


Before Ross, Sandy worked in technology consulting in IBM where she had some opportunity to work in business-to-business marketing.  While working in this role, she was very excited and decided to pursue a career in marketing.  Sandy took several classes in order to acquire the required skills.  Her internship, as a Marketing Strategy Consultant at the Harvard Drug Group, has provided her with the necessary real-world exposure.  Sandy plans to work as a Strategic Marketing Manager after graduation.