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Building a Better Future for Business and Society

Today, we face unprecedented challenges and opportunities in both business and society. These challenges require new models of business and business education.

At Ross, our mission is to develop leaders who make a positive difference in the world. Positive leaders energize and transform both organizations and society by creating a vision of what is possible and leveraging the strengths of people. Students learn to inspire a sense of purpose in others, create a thriving work culture, and thereby achieve truly extraordinary results. Ross students, faculty, and alumni recognize the power of business to drive profit for shareholders, shape our economy, and positively impact the world's most pressing social and environmental problems.

Ross students emerge as leaders with the ability to enact positive change for business and society.

Michael Gardner // BBA '12

"The potential positive impact of business is far-reaching and limited only by the vision and commitment of corporate leaders."

One of the reasons Michael chose the field of business was because he wanted to make a positive impact in his career. As the future Google employee approached graduation, he took Jim Walsh's class, "The Corporation in Society," to understand the variety of roles that corporations play. The class included a trip to Ghana, where Michael and members of the class interacted with various sectors of the economy and performed community service. They experienced the front lines of developing markets, the need for corporate and public partnerships, and the opportunities facing future business leaders.