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About Web Recruiter™ - General information about Web Recruiter™.
Your Company Information - How to manage your company's profile and contacts.
Your Recruiting Information - How to review your campus events, manage job postings, approve interviews, manage Resume Drops, manage your Closed Lists, and get your Interview Schedules.
Search Students - How to search the student resume database, email students, etc.
Contacting Us - If you have any additional questions, contact your recruiting coordinator at the numbers listed here.

About Web Recruiter™

Web Recruiter™ is your online interactive recruiting database for the University of Michigan Business School.  The Office of Career Development (OCD) is excited that you have chosen to use Web Recruiter™ to manage your recruiting activities, as it has much to offer. Our recruiting team looks forward to working with you.

Web Recruiter™ allows you to:

  • Edit and approve campus interviews.
  • Search, bundle and print MBA, BBA, & MAcc resumes.*
  • Review bundled resumes from our electronic drop for each on-campus interview.
    IMPORTANT: You must ENABLE RESUME DROP for each job - please see the steps below for instructions.
  • Review and change job postings you may have submitted for current students or alumni.
  • Monitor your schedules and closed lists as students go through the bidding process.
  • Message all or selected students via email.*

* Note: There is a fee for access to online resumes and student messaging.

To order additional Web Recruiter™ passwords or resume books, or change your existing password see the links on the main Web Recruiter™ page.

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Your Company Information

To review or edit your company's general information:

Select: Company Profile from the menu list on the left side of the screen.

  • Now you can review, edit, or add to your company's information.

To review or edit your company's contacts:

Select: Company Contacts from the menu list on the left side of the screen.

  • Please review the list of contacts and DELETE any individuals who are no longer with your firm. To delete a contact, click the contact's name and then click the "Delete Contact" button.
    Note: All individuals with Web Recruiter™ access have the ability to edit the contact names.
  • To enter a new contact, select Company Contacts from the menu and click the "Add New Contact" button.

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Your Recruiting Information

To review your company's campus events:

Select: Events from the menu list on the left side of the screen.

  • Review your event schedule by clicking on each event to view the details.
  • If you need to change an event, contact your OCD representative or send an e-mail to ocd@umich.edu.

In the Interviews & Postings section you can manage job postings, add job descriptions, edit/approve interview information, enable and view Resume Drops, add names to Closed Lists, and review interview schedules.

Select: Interviews & Postings from the menu list on the left side of the screen.

You will see the position title, job number, degree (e.g., MBA), and interview date (if applicable). For on-campus interviews, you will be told whether you have confirmed the position, if the closed list has been submitted, the submission deadline, and whether or not the electronic resume drop is turned on for each position.

Resume Drop - You must enable each one of your jobs for the resume drop, in order for students to drop their resumes electronically. Please do this when you confirm your job.

From the list of postings and interviews, select a specific position by clicking on the position's title. If you select an interview for edit/review, you may do the following:

  • Edit/Approve - Make any changes to the interview information (e.g. contact name, add or edit your job description, etc.). After you have verified that all interview information is correct, you can approve it. This means the position is confirmed and the students will be able to bid for the position at the appropriate time in the bidding process.
  • Resume Drop - You may disable/enable the resume drop, or review the resumes of students who have already submitted resumes through the drop. From the 'Actions...' drop-down menu, you can choose to message, bundle the resumes of, or organize students that are currently marked. You can view a single student's cover letter and resume by clicking on the student's name.
  • Closed List - You will see that the Closed List due date is highlighted on this page. You can enter the closed list and alternates. Please rank your alternates in order of preference. After you have made changes to the Closed List, you must either select 'Save Changes' or 'Submit Closed List'. Selecting 'Save Changes' will still allow you to edit the Closed List at a later time, while 'Submit Closed List' will prevent any additional changes.
  • Interview Schedule - Your schedule(s) will be available to view Thursday after 6:00 a.m. the week prior to your interview date. You may want to monitor your schedules as students may drop off the schedule and wait list students are promoted.

If you select a job board posting for edit/review, you may do the following:

  • View Posting - Review the details of the job posting. Click the Expire Posting button to remove the posting from the job board.
  • Edit Posting - Make any changes to the job posting (e.g. contact name, add or edit your job description, etc.).

To add a new job board posting for your company:

Click the Add New Posting button on the Interviews & Postings page.

There are required fields that you need to fill out in order for us to process your job posting. If you fill the position before the time that the posting has expired, please expire the posting manually from the "View Posting" page.

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Student Searches

Note: There is a fee for access to online resumes and the electronic student messaging capability. Please visit our order form for additional information.

To search the student resume database:

Select: Resume Search from the menu list on the left side of the screen.

Now you may select/specify any of the provided criteria and then click the "Search Resumes" button. Once the search is conducted, and you have selected your candidates, you can email the students, create a mail merge, etc.

Select: Actions... once you have selected the resumes.
  • Messaging - you can message all or selected students that have dropped their resumes.
  • Resumes - you are able to view all resumes that have been dropped or view selected resumes that you have selected.
  • Mail Merge - this will open the resumes of the students you have selected and open them into an excel spreadsheet. The spreadsheet will include all of the students' personal contact information.
  • Invert Selection - this will change your selection of the students you have previously selected.

To send email messages to students:

Select: Message Students from the menu list on the left side of the screen.

  • Student Search can be used to send a message to individual students.
  • Program Search will allow you to message all students in that class (e.g., BBA 1st year students).

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