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Find this information under ITBasics on the DiscoverIT page in My iMpact.



  As an incoming student, there are things helpful to have in place
Before You Arrive on campus, as well as steps to complete
After You Arrive.
Before You Arrive
Before You Arrive
There are several things you can do in advance::
  1. Obtain a recent generation Laptop Computer.
    See the Buying Recommendations section for details.  Allow ample time for ordering and shipping.
  2. Set up your Uniqname login account.
    After you submit your enrollment deposit, you should receive your One Time ID (OTID) and instructions to create your "uniqname" login account and password for access to iMpact and other University services. 
  3. Update your iMpact Personal Profile.
    iMpact users such as other students, faculty, our web recruiters, and our administrative staff will use this to contact you, so you will want to be sure your profile is correct and up to date.  You may need to update this information again after you arrive on campus since your address, phone number and e-mail will probably change.  Use the menu items on the left menu bar in "Personal Profile" to update the various fields.  For name and education changes, contact our Admissions office.
  4. Watch the online DiscoverIT Presentation.
    Visit the DiscoverIT page to download the handout and watch the video orientation.
  5. Visit the Student Core Knowledge webpage
    Learn about the resources available to you through the University and specific resources through Ross School of Business.  Core Knowledge for Students is a comprehensive FAQ site to answer your questions and help you make the most of your education at Ross.

After You Arrive
You will want to accomplish several important things once you are on campus: 
  1. Get your M-Card (your student ID).
    Contact the Admissions Office for details.
  2. Watch the DiscoverIT presentation.
    If you haven't already, be sure to watch the online DiscoverIT presentation and download the handout.
  3. Set up your laptop for use in our environment.
    Set up your laptop for internet access, printer access, and useful tools.  
  4. Review  the Core Knowledge Site.
    Core Knowledge for Students is a comprehensive FAQ site to answer your questions and help you make the most of your education at Ross.
  5. Ensure your iMpact Personal Profile is correct and up to date.
    Login to your My iMpact account to update your contact information and to upload your photo.  From your profile, you will want to print face cards to bring to your first classes.
  6. Sign up for a Software Workshop.
    Free software workshops are scheduled each semester.  Check the Training page for a list of the workshops offered.