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Club Descriptions

(Unless otherwise noted, clubs are open to all Ross students)
  • The Accounting Club is established to aid in the professional development of college students actively interested in accounting, corporate finance and other related fields. It promotes the study and practice of accounting and finance, provides opportunities for self-development, service and association among members and practicing professionals, and encourages a sense of ethical, social, and public responsibility. Join
    Co-Presidents – Danielle Upton & Beth Campbell
  • The African Business Club's (ABC) mission is to enhance the enrollment of African students at the Ross School of Business and provide support for African and non-African students seeking business and career opportunities in Africa. The group also aims to promote and facilitate networking among Ross African alumni, current MBAs and prospective students.   Join
    President - Arinze Anyaeche
  • Alpha Kappa Psi promotes the objectives of the Ross School of Business community by seeking to develop future business leaders through a variety professional, social, and philanthropic events. We accomplish this by fostering an ethical and professional environment. Fore example, we host events such as resume and cover letter workshops to teach individuals how to recruit in a professional business environment. We also provide a numerous resources to members in and outside of our organization, such as hosting professional speakers and participating in a number of volunteer activities throughout the Ann Arbor and greater Detroit area. Join
    President - Maggie Willet

  • The purpose of the Alternative Investments Club is to introduce undergraduate and graduate students to alternative asset classes, including, but not limited to, hedge funds, private equity, real estate, and venture capital.  We seek to teach students the fundamentals of these asset classes through competitions and provide students with the knowledge and expertise of Michigan professors and local financial professionals. Join
    President -Jeffrey Lavine
  • The Armed Forces Association provides a forum and community that is interested in issues pertinent to Armed Forces. Topics could include recruiting, development and networking. Join
    President -Jason Dupuis
  • The Asia Business Conference provides a platform for industry leaders to interact with students of the Ross School of Business and fosters a close working relationship among them. This symbiotic relationship developed over the past fifteen years has made the Asian Business Conference (ABC) one of the largest business conferences in the country. It is also the longest running student conference in any business school in the country. Join
    Chairs - Jimmy KangJin Ma

  • The Asian American Business Association (AABA) at the Ross School of Business consists of multiple purposes in line with the needs of students and the Michigan community in four areas: professional, academic, cultural, and social. AABA promotes the objectives of the Ross Business community through action based learning, student ownership, and relationship building. Join
    President - Jeff Ho

  • The Association for Chinese Economic Development (ACED) exists to help members develop their own professional perspectives on the emerging business opportunities in China.  The goal is to promote interest and awareness in the global impacts of China's economy on campus.  Join
    President - Ho Man Tang
  • The Automotive Club's mission is to join car enthusiasts in fun social activities, and to provide access to networking and career opportunities in the automotive industry. The club wishes to bring together auto enthusiasts and past, present, and future automotive industry leaders at Ross. Join
    President – Jolie Wu
  • The BBA Consulting Club (BCC) is dedicated to helping students learn about the consulting industry and develop the skills required to be successful in this field. BCC is mainly focused on assisting with the recruiting process through exclusive networking events, resume reviews, case workshops, and mock case interviews. We also look forward to planning events and workshops with the consulting firms that recruit on campus and assisting in our members' professional development. Join
    President - Zach Simon
  • Founded in 1970, the Black Business Students Association (BBSA) is one of the largest student-run organizations at Ross. BBSA is dedicated to the recruitment of graduate Black business students and the professional and academic development of its membership. In addition to its professional and academic goals, the BBSA hosts social outings throughout the year to foster relationships within the membership and the Ross community at-large. Join
    President – Julian Herbert
  • The Black Business Undergraduate Society equips minority students with the skills they need to maximize their career potential in all business-related professions by facilitating academic, professional, and social development. Join
    President - Aaron Allen
  • BOND strives to prepare University of Michigan students to the business world. Our objective is to use University of Michigan students’ academic expertise to provide consulting services to local Ann Arbor businesses who cannot afford professional consulting services. Every semester, we consult to 4 local businesses and help them with the challenges they are facing while providing our members an unparalleled exposure to business challenges. Join 
    President - Stephanie Chueh
  • The Brazilian Business Student Association's (BRASA) mission is to enhance and enrich the experiences of students at the University of Michigan who are interested in business careers in Brazil, and Brazilian culture in general. The group also aims to promote and facilitate networking among Ross alumni, Current MBAs, and prospective students. Join
    President - Pedro Oleiro
  • The CEOhs is Ross’ first ever co-ed a cappella singing group. Founded in September 2007, the CEOhs was formed to provide musical entertainment for the Ross community, and to offer all Ross students from BBAs to MBAs to PhDs an opportunity to participate in a creative, musical outlet during their tenures at school. Join
    Group Coordinator - Peter Chan
  • China Blue Charity Fund is a non-profit organization that was initiated and managed by the students and alumni from the Ross School of Business at University of Michigan. The goal of the organization is to financially and morally support Chinese students in poverty so that they can complete their elementary education. We firmly believe that this initiative will help strengthen the sense of community by giving back collectively to society in a meaningful way. We are committed to follow principles of fairness, equality, and transparency to ensure that the funds reach those children with the most urgent financial needs. Join
    President – Stacy Liu
  • The Christian Business Initiative (CBI) exists by inviting professionals to use their gifts and talents integrated with Biblical principles to transform communities. Join
    President - Jonathan Lee

  • The Ross Cigar Club will host and promote educational and social events in which members of the Ross community will be able to learn about, consume, and discuss cigars. Join
    President - Phillippe Puech

  • The focus of Community Action @ Ross (CAR) is to try to encourage more involvement with our local communities in order to create more effective leaders out of Ross—ones that are more socially aware by doing rather than reading or seeing.  Our goal is to serve as a source, connector, and collaborator for community-related events.  Events will include after-school tutoring, food bank visits, blood and bone marrow drives, and partnership opportunities with other Ross clubs.  An important aspect of our program is the 10 Hour Pledge.  We're hoping that if each MBA student commits to 10 hours of volunteerism in the academic school year, then we can shoot for 10,000 cumulative hours for Ross, and more importantly, a huge impact on our community! Join
    Co-President - Robert Walker & Dalia Naamani-Goldman
  • The Community Consulting Club (CCC) provides pro bono consulting services to nearly 30 Ann Arbor non-profits each year. CCC engagements vary in scope, but may focus on Marketing Strategy, Operations Optimization or Financial Analysis. The club provides members with training to help to structure each project and ensure positive results. Join
    President – Jed Wang
  • The Consulting Club (Ross Consulting Club) educates its members about the management consulting industry and helps them successfully navigate the consulting recruiting process. It is one of the largest professional clubs at Ross and primarily works at two levels. First, we develop and maintain relations with the consulting firms that recruit on campus and try to ensure that Ross continues to be a preferred source of talent for the top firms. Second, we coach and facilitate the professional development of our members through events such as resume reviews, case workshops, case practice sessions and case competitions. Join
    President – Matt Mullen
  • Delta Sigma Pi is a professional business fraternity organized to foster the study of business in universities. As the only business fraternity in the Ross School of Business we strives to promote a fun and professional environment for all students at the Ross. Our yearly events include professional, networking, social and community service activities. DSP is a great way to meet students from different sections and class years at Ross. Join
    President - Michael Proppe
  • The mission of Design+Business Club (D+B) is to provide a vibrant and diverse community for Ross students practicing at the intersection between design and business. We focus on education, practical application, and career development in Design Thinking fields. Fields of interest to our members include: product design, organizational design, information design, urban/spatial design, creativity & innovation processes, visual problem structuring and analysis, and visual communication. Our goal is to provide a range of educational workshops, events, career-development support, and social events to build a community around Design Thinking. Join
    Co-Presidents - Max Joseph & Sabrina Sullivan                                                  
  • The Education + Business club is designed to serve as a resource for professional opportunities within the education industry, to inform students about ongoing issues in the education sector, and to promote awareness about education leadership in and out of schools. Join
    Co-Presidents - Sarah VanDuyn & Sarah Jane Caban

  • Emerging Markets Club focuses on business issues and activities around rising economies. Students are exposed to a variety of educational and career related opportunities and the club has a close relationship with the William Davidson Institute. Join
    Co-Presidents – Namrata Sopory & Manav Sawhney
  • The objective of the Energy Club is to provide Ross students who are interested in careers within the energy sector access to a forum where they can learn about the industry and interact with like-minded students, alumni, faculty and industry representatives. The club also aims at raising the visibility of Ross MBA and BBA candidates with professional interests in the energy sector to outside recruiters. Join
    Co-Presidents – Therese Miranda & Tommy Polzin
  • The Entertainment + Media Club is a student-run organization for MBA and BBA students actively pursuing careers in the entertainment and media industries. The club’s mission is to facilitate the professional recruiting process by acting as a liaison between club members and entertainment and media-related companies seeking top business talent. Through on-campus events and annual career treks to firms in New York and Los Angeles, the Entertainment + Media Club provides outstanding business students the opportunity to learn from and network with leaders in a variety of fields. Join
    Co-Presidents – Daniel Andersen & Ebony Pollard
  • The Entrepreneur and Venture Club (EVC) comprises Ross students dedicated to furthering their educational and professional goals as prospective entrepreneurs and investors in new ventures. The club works closely with the Zell-Lurie Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies, an outstanding resource for all aspects of entrepreneurship, from business plan development to venture funding. Members participating in the EVC club will build awareness of opportunities and challenges for entrepreneurs and investors, develop a network among entrepreneurs and investors, and learn how to view business problems from the perspective of an entrepreneur and investor. Join
    Co-PresidentsKartik Bandhuvula & Diego Cepeda

  • The Erb Institute Student Advisory Board is the representative body of the Erb Institute MBA/MS student population.  It supports and advocates for the academic, professional, cultural and social interests of students enrolled in the Erb Institute MBA/MS program. Join
    President – Lawrence Han
  • The Finance Club (MBA) is a student-run organization that provides members interested in finance or finance-related careers the resources, tools, and guidance needed to successfully reach their professional goals. Education is a fundamental aspect of the Club and members are provided with a Finance “course-pack” and training sessions on accounting, valuation, and financial modeling. Additionally, the club plans and executes professional forums, such as the Wall Street Forum (WSF) in New York, which allows students to network with major corporations in their finance area of interest. In addition to the WSF, the Finance Club hosts the Corporate Finance Forum and Chicago Forum. Join
    President – Tom Tait
  • The Finance Club (BBA) helps students learn more about various aspects of finance including investment banking, trading, investment management, and corporate finance.  Join
    Co-Presidents - Chase Frankel & Alex Jilla


  • The Financial Derivatives & Risk Management Club plans to organize and sponsor various seminars, networking events and other educational activities as they relate to derivatives, financial engineering, risk management, and trading. We will engage in multiple-disciplinary activities to integrate the mutual interests among professionals, academia and students with a general interest in finance. Join
    Contact: BBA Student Life


  • Follies is an on-stage satire of life at the Ross School of Business performed annually in February. Trenchant wit, glorious vocal stylings, a rebellious attitude, and too much pancake makeup all coagulate to create what was once rumored to be "the grandest two-act production ever to shake the bellies of so many souls residing in this Venerable Northwestern Territory." This is all thanks to a great many hours contributed by scores of talented hands – cerebral comedy writers, visionary scene directors, Johnny-on-the-spot stage coordinators, astute marketers and more actors than you can shake a stick at. Join
    Director - Ryan MacLean

  • General Management Club focuses on a well rounded management expertise, leadership skills, and critical business perspectives to launch a career in corporate leadership. The club is meant for students interested in integrating all the functional areas of business for effective business decision making and management. Join
    President –
    Nowfal Abdul Khadar
  • The Give-A-Day program supports the partnership between Ross students and non-profit and public organizations by providing financial assistance to those who seek no- or low-paying internships with qualifying organizations. Fostering strong partnerships will yield benefits not only to students pursuing careers in the non-profit and public sectors but also to the organizations themselves and the wider Ross community. Join
    President – Prashanth Mahalingam

  • The Global Investments Club is a student-run organization that educates students about the fundamentals of various investment vehicles and promotes the development of investment research, portfolio management, and professional trading skills.  Join
    Co-Presidents - Arthi Kumar & Sameer Vig

  • The purpose of the Grad Day Council shall be to further the mission of the Stephen M. Ross School of Business by representing the needs and interests of graduate day business school students, promoting graduate student involvement in the school, providing a liaison between the student body and the Ross administration, and driving positive change through learning and evolving to meet the needs of our core constituents. Join
    President - Molly Klein-McDowell

  • As a student-run organization addressing business, culture and other non-political issues, Greater China Association (GCA) aims to strengthen the bonds among current GCA students, serve as a focal point of communication among GCA alumni and students, promote Greater China’s role in world economy and its culture in the Ross community, and promote Ross brand in GC areas to potential applicants. Join
    President – Yanning Li
  • The Health and Fitness Club will strive to ensure that students are able to strike a healthy balance between all of their obligations, not least of which is to maintain or even improve their fitness level while juggling many other important tasks. Join
    President – Philip Campbell
  • The Healthcare and Life Science Club - MBA is committed to preparing the next generation of industry executives by seeking to establish the nation's #1 business school organization in healthcare and life science, attract and ensure members have access to the industry's major players and teach members about the various industry sectors. The club focuses primarily on the Biotechnology, Consulting, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Managed Care sectors. Join
    President – Cody Powers
  • The Human Capital Club focuses on preparing its members for jobs in the field of human capital and organizational strategy through educational and networking events with current human resource professionals and Ross faculty. The complex discipline of organizational strategy involves the processes, methodologies, and resources through which organizations align their human capital with business strategy. The club considers the many dimensions of human capital in designing and pursuing business objectives and has adopted Ross’ view of human resource professionals as business partners. Ross has a wealth of resources to prepare students for a career in HR and the OSC helps students make these connections. Join
    Co-Presidents – Marybeth Miles & Kelly Clark
  • The Men's Ice Hockey Club is a very active team that actually plays ice hockey and goes to tournaments. Join
    Co-Presidents - Nayan Behal & Chris Tompson
  • Whether you're interested in a career in investing or simply wish to manage your personal portfolio better, the Investment Management Club offers business school students the opportunity to learn about financial markets, different careers within the industry, and methods for covering the markets and managing assets. Join
    President – Jae Lee
  • Israel @ Ross creates and maintains an student community by providing mutual support and guidance and by organizing social events; mentors, guides, and supports the acclimation of first-year students to Ross; serves as a focal point of communication between I@R alumni and students; promotes Israel’s culture in the Ross community; and promotes the Ross brand in Israel. Join
    President - Ari Leviatan

  • The mission of the Korea Business Club is to provide information, resources, tools and guidance to members interested in careers in Korea and to promote a deeper understanding of Korean business culture within the Ross community. Join
    President - SJ Sangjun Yeo


  • Latin American Business Student Association is a graduate student organization open to all MBA students who are interested in Latin cultures and communities. Our goal is to provide a stimulating and supportive network to LABSA members by: 1) Building and fostering the network among current students. 2) Advancing the awareness of Latin culture at Ross Business School. 3) Supporting students interested in careers in the US and Latin America. 4) Assisting international student's transition into Ross Business School life. 5) Supporting Consortium for Graduate Study in Management activities. 6) Facilitating communication among Ross alumni and current students. 7) Enhancing Ross brand in Latin America and within Latin communities in the US. Join
    President – Juan Felipe Andrade


  • The Latter-Day Saint Business Student Association is established to develop relationships between students, alumni, and faculty/business leaders who share common beliefs and values. Join
    President - Parley Baldwin

  • The Master of Accounting Student Association was established for the expressed purpose of nurturing academic achievement, group camaraderie, and community service among the often underrepresented Master of Accounting students at the Ross School of Business.  Join
    President - Thomas Paras
  • M-Entrepreneurship believes in promoting the tenets of entrepreneurship.  M-Entrepreneurship exists to educate students on entrepreneurship through real-life experiences by implementing innovative start-up ideas while also bringing together great minds from different majors and backgrounds.  Join
    President - Nung Yoo

  • The Mad Money Club is targeted towards investors and students who are eager to learn about the market. We will discuss episodes of Mad Money and talk about certain stocks, industries, and macroeconomic events.  Join
    President - Robbie Weitz

  • The Maize and Brew Club is a non-profit organization devoted to beer and wine making and as a resource for students interested in entering the beer and wine industry. The Maize and Brew’s goal is educate members about the beer and wine making processes, industries, and provide action-based learning opportunities through educational series and corporate business operations tours.  Join
    President - Paul Fromm
  • The BBA Marketing Club consists of talented BBA students pursuing marketing careers in a wide variety of industries throughout the U.S. and world. Member interests include consumer products, retail/services, high-tech, automotive, entertainment, and advertising. The club is committed to helping students understand the field of marketing and the many career opportunities available. The exposure between exemplary students and leading companies is very valuable to all involved. Members actively cultivate relationships with companies to encourage them to recruit and hire Ross students for internships and full-time employment. The club is a great opportunity for students to exchange marketing experience and ideas, as well as to meet people with similar interests. Join
    President - Nicole Ng

  • The MBA Marketing Club is comprised of over 300 students with interests in such diverse fields as brand management, health care, technology, consulting and services. The club aims to minimize job-related stress from MBA matriculation to graduation by equipping students with tools and coaching to excel in networking and interviewing. A combination of educational seminars, resume critiques and mock interviews provide Marketing Club members with exclusive access to recruiters for the most coveted marketing positions. Regional autumn trips to over 20 company headquarters allow members to see their favorite companies first-hand and to take a step beyond the traditional recruiting process at other top MBA programs. Join
    Co-Presidents – Emily Daigle & Brandon Potter
  • The Master of Accounting Student Council is established for the expressed purpose of nurturing academic achievement, group camaraderie, and community service among the often-underrepresented Master of Accounting students at the Ross School of Business. Join
  • Michigan Business Women (MBW) - MBA promotes personal and professional development by providing social interaction and networking opportunities with Ross School of Business undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, administrators and alumni, as well as with professional women in the business community. MBW is committed to creating a supportive community by addressing topics relevant to women in business and providing a forum where diverse experiences, perspectives, and resources can be shared. Join
    Co-Presidents – Jeannie Czerner & Emily Pare
  • Michigan Business Women (MBW) - BBA provides professional, service, and social events for women in the Business School.  Join
    co-Presidents – Tatiana Melamed & Kathryn Neubauer

  • The Michigan Commodities Group aims to increase awareness at Ross and educate members about the commodity markets as well as develop the related investment and trading skills. Join
    President – Ankit Chandola

  • The Michigan Graduate Student Collaborative (MGSC) is an organization that connects Ross School of Business graduate students with other University of Michigan’s graduate schools to further the mission of interdisciplinary cooperation. MGSC provides a forum for students to meet, network, and share ideas through educational, professional, and social events. The club is co-led by a business graduate student and one other graduate student from any of the University of Michigan graduate schools. Join
    Co-Presidents – Maanuv Khurana & Sujata Dantiki
  • Michigan Interactive Investments (MII) was founded in 1998, with the goal of providing students with the tools needed to invest in the stock market. As a student run organization, we seek to educate members about investing by researching and then purchasing actual stocks. MII has also developed into a professional business club with the purpose of preparing its members for careers in the business world. Other meeting topics include investment workshops, resume and interview workshops, corporate speaker presentations, and business school preparation. Join
    President – AJ Malhotra

  • The Michigan Investment Banking Club is the leading student organization at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor that specializes in investment banking. Our mission is to help our members secure internships and full-time positions in the investment banking industry.  Join
    President – Ankit Chandola

  • The Michigan Sales Club's mission is to develop a network within University of Michigan for those interested in sales. Selling is an important necessity to have for any career. Anyone can pitch, but only a few can close, which generates the revenue for any firm. Therefore, Michigan Sales Club will increase and promote awareness of selling to address the lack of a focus by providing professional and academic opportunities for all members. Join
    President - Jay Sharma

  • The Michigan Sports Business Conference brings in top sport industry leaders to educate and develop the future business leaders of the world. The Michigan Sport Business Conference will become an annual event and attract media attention, students, and professionals from across the globe, via the event itself and access to presentations on the Internet. Join
    President – David Herman

  • The Mindfulness Club was established for the expressed purpose of developing mindfulness and awareness skills as well as a greater awareness of how being a mindful presence positively shapes society.  Our mission through campus involvement is to create meaningful experiences, a vibrant community, and lifelong memories for University of Michigan students. Join
    President – Lindsey Cameron
  • Monroe Street Journal is the student run newspaper that serves the Ross community each week.
    Editor-in-Chief – Elizabeth Watson
  • The Muslim Business Students Association is a student organization dedicated to preparing pre-business Muslim students for business school and Muslim business students for a prosperous career in business through networking, information workshops, and personalized coaching. Join
    Contact: BBA Student Life
  • MTrek are small outdoor adventure trips designed to foster friendships among classmates, promote leadership development, and introduce incoming MBA students to the team-based environment at the Ross School of Business. Trips take place in mid-August and are open to all incoming students. Small groups of incoming MBA students are led by second-year MBA mentors. Trips vary in location, activities and required abilities. MTrek is more than a club; it is an institution and key point of differentiation for Ross. The success of the program depends on the drive of the nine MBA students that are selected in October to lead the program for the following academic year's incoming students. Running MTrek is an exceptional leadership opportunity for MBA1’s with an interest in travel, the outdoors, entrepreneurship and an intense desire to shape the Ross experience for future students. 
    President - Mike Rockett
  • The Navara Foundation aims to actively promote the multi-disciplinary ideals of international development by mobilizing the different resources available to the communities of the developed world. The foundation's principal objective is to manage programs that will offer practical experiences and knowledge within the realm of international development to its membership. Join
    President - Haley Bash
  • Net Impact is an international network of business leaders committed to responsible business models, policies and practices. Net Impact members seek to integrate this commitment into the mission, values, strategy and operations of organizations in which they are involved. At Ross, Net Impact's primary focus is to cultivate MBAs who wish to leverage their influence for the benefit of society, the economy and the environment. This goal is accomplished by equipping members with tools and resources that enable them to add sustainable value in private and public enterprises. Join
    Co-Presidents – Jill Laskowski & Kate Drummond
  • Net Impact Undergrad's mission is to grow and strengthen a community of young and innovative leaders to use their careers to improve the world.  To do this, we provide our members with career resources, educational events, and community involvement opportunities to inspire and empower students interested in using the power of social, environmental, and economic activities to lead in thoughtful action.  Join
    President - Marcella Pearl
  • Operations Management (OM) is the design, planning, scheduling, and control of the transformation processes that create value for society. OM oversees the organizational inputs (materials, capital, and human resources) to these processes and is of central importance in both manufacturing and service industries. Effective Operations Management lies at the core of every successful organization. It goes beyond the specifics of a functional area, and integrates all activities to efficiently meet customer needs. The OM Club is dedicated to developing leaders able to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s dynamic business environment. Join
    President - Mike Westerman
  • The Out For Business - LGBT Student Association provides networking, professional development and community for students interested in LGBT issues. Join
    Co-Presidents – Jason Burkett & Eric Huang
  • The Part-Time MBA Association promotes the Part-Time MBA experience at the Ross School of Business. The primary goals are to provide professional, academic, and social networking opportunities for Part-Time MBA students, to ensure continual Part-Time MBA student representation and perspective in Ross affairs, and to contribute to the building of the larger Ross community by partnering with other programs and clubs within the school. Join
    President – Hannah Gornik
  • Phi Chi Theta is committed to helping brothers and sisters of our fraternity achieve their career goals, form life long friendships, and have access to a large alumni network. In doing so, Phi Chi Theta hosts a series of professional workshops (resume interview workshops), corporate presentations, networking and social events. Join
    President  - Felice Schmertzler
  • The Ross Poker Club  is established to organize poker and poker related activities for the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business community. The activities are for social and entertainment purposes. Join
    President– Michael Nucatola

  • The Puck-It Ice Hockey Club provides organized practices, tournaments, and social events for men and women with all ability levels interested in learning about and playing ice hockey.  Join
    President - Lisha Tseng

  • The Real Estate Club is one of the most diverse business school clubs with members from the schools of business, law, architecture, urban planning, and natural resources. Their mission is to promote real estate at Ross and assist club members with learning more about the wide array of opportunities in the real estate field. Through networking opportunities, educational events, and career development activities, the Real Estate Club offers activities and experiences for everyone. Join
    co-Presidents – Jason Mochizuki & Michael Nucatola

  • The Retail and Luxury Goods Club is for students interested in building careers in the luxury goods and retail industries. RLG provides students with the resources for success in various disciplines within the luxury goods and retail industry- marketing, finance, general management, consulting, and manufacturing - through alumni networking, guest speakers, corporate presentations and company on-site visits. Our definition of luxury goods encompasses fashion & leather goods, perfumes & cosmetics, watches & jewelry, wines & spirits, food, cars, cigars, services, and property. Our definition of retail encompasses both mass and high-end retailers. Join
    President - Shiao-Chin Shih
  • Revitalization & Business is focused on changing the conversation about Detroit and raising awareness about the possibilities the Detroit region possesses whether for a career or for play. The club engages students through architectural tours, cultural events, and other Detroit activities.   Join
    Co-Presidents – Bradley Busboom & Michael Marion
  • Rock'n'Roll B-School is the epitome of poor taste, questionable humor, and pure rock'n'roll. It all comes together each fall in a dark, smoky bar on the other side of town for one night of mind-numbing debauchery. Now in its fourth year, the show is cast of misfits and squares, brainiacs and dingbats, debits and credits. We parody the everyday antics of the B-school in a cocktail of live skits, prerecorded skits, and of course, rock'n'roll. Are you thirsty for more? Join
    Producer - Jasmine Khan
  • The Ross ASEAN Business Association seeks to promote a deeper understanding of ASEAN business culture and practices within the Ross community with the goal of assisting in the creation of a more diverse and culturally aware student body and will serve as a social and networking support group for ASEAN students at Ross, Southeast Asian alumni, and prospective and admitted ASEAN students.  Join
    President - Jimmy Kang
  • Ross Basketball Association provides the opportunity for MBA basketball players of all skill levels to enjoy the sport by participating in a variety of different activities such as weekly pick-up games, intramural league play, a national inter-business school tournament, game-viewing and other social events.  Join
    President - Michael Trudeau

  • Ross Christian Fellowship is composed of Ross students dedicated to growing spiritually, encouraging its members, sharing God's love, and grappling with the role of Christians in business. This is accomplished through small-group Bible studies and a speaker series. Students from various denominations and spiritual backgrounds are welcome. Join
    President – Jonathan Matson

  • The Ross Cricket Club exists to educate members of the Ross Community about the game of cricket through events and opportunities to play the game. The club is open to students of all abilities, interest and knowledge levels, and hopes to introduce the game to people who have never seen or played this widely played game before.  Join
    Co-Presidents - Nakul Uppal & Abhijit Supekar

  • The Ross European Business Club intends to promote European culture and heritage at Ross, offer a variety of resources to Ross students interested in Europe, and facilitate the connection between students and companies. Join
    President – Yvonne Waschek
  • The Ross Golf Club strives to provide the opportunity for members of Ross to socialize through the game of golf. We will provide a forum where players of different levels can learn and network with one another. Join
    President - Paul Fromm

  • The Ross Gourmet Club (RGC) provides opportunities to the RSB students to learn and appreciate different types of food and culture, network with Gourmet/Culinary Clubs in other business schools, industry representatives, and recruiters, help students who are interested in food and dining industries to develop their career, interact with faculty, alumni, students, and spouses/partners with similar interests.  Join
    Co-Presidents – Esha Sharma & Sarah Miller
  • The Ross Habitat for Humanity Builders is a student run organization seeking to sustain and increase the Ross School of Business' commitment to community service and involvement through our partnership with Habitat for Humanity of Huron Valley (HVHFH). Join
    MBA President - Sang Shin
    BBA President - Alex Engebretson
  • The Ross Hispanic Business Student Association provides academic support and professional development opportunities for its members. It is active in the recruitment of incoming Hispanic/Latino students. Join
    President - Alvaro Morales

  • The mission of the Ross Hospitality Club is to develop interest and opportunities in the travel industry at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business and to support members in their career goals in the hospitality industry. Join
    President - Udayan Gupt


  • The Ross Indian Subcontinent Association is a student club dedicated to helping students of Indian subcontinent origin transition into business school life, promoting awareness about the Indian subcontinent among the larger business school community and encouraging social and professional interaction among students of Indian origin. Join
    Co-Presidents- Mohit Kant & Priyam Kala


  • The Ross International Club (RIC) is an organization committed to fostering connections between international and domestic students and to creating opportunities for the students to view the world through a wider, global lens. Join
    Co-Presidents- Shruti Sharma &
    Mavis Hu

  • The Ross Japan Business Association seeks to promote a deeper understanding of Japanese business culture and practices within the Ross community with the ultimate goal of assisting in the creation of a more diverse and culturally aware student body. Join
    President -
    Takeshi Muro
  • The Ross Jewish Student Association provides social, cultural and networking opportunities for graduate Jewish business students. The club aims to bring its members together with other Jewish graduate students on campus as well as serve as an educational resource for the greater business school community. Join
    Co-Presidents – Blair Robin
  • The goal of RossMed is to unite current or interested pre-medical students who are currently in the Ross School of Business. The club aims to to bring this community together to further explore the possibilities of a career in medicine and to socially connect with each other. Join
    President - Anuj Abrol

  • The Ross Mentorship Program capitalizes on the networking opportunities at Ross and is intended to facilitate those networks between the members of its community. Mentorship opportunities allow MBA students to benefit from the knowledge and skills of others who have had similar experiences at Ross. Indeed, this will ensure that the RSB knowledge, tradition and culture are passed from one year to the next. Join
    Co-Presidents - Madhumita Iyengar & Mohit Kant
  • The RossMOB offers organized group dance lessons, such as salsa, swing and hip-hop. Contact us to learn more about upcoming club events. Join
    Co-Presidents – Judy Huang & Sarah Caban

  • The mission of the Ross Outdoor Club (ROC) is to organize outdoor events that educate and enrich the lives of students at Ross. ROC will facilitate events that promote spending time in the outdoors while forming connections with fellow students and faculty. Join
    President - Jonathan Matson

  • Ross Partners Club is dedicated to acclimating MBA partners to life in Ann Arbor. Our activities include social events, community service, play-dates for children, and career assistance. Join
    President – Kayla Andersen
  • The Ross Photography Club serves to enrich the community and student experience at the Ross School of Business through photography.  Join
    President - Troy Wollenslegel

  • The Ross Portfolio Management Club aims to create a unique investing experience for the Ross sophomore BBAs. Through faculty seminars and a summer portfolio competitions, the sophomores will be prepared to work together to manage a real portfolio in the fall.  Join
    President - Jeffrey Horwitz

  • The mission of the Ross Scotch Club is to promote and educate the Ross community about the many differences and joys of scotch and whiskey.Join
    President - Karthik Raman

  • The Ross Ski Club organizes events for skiers and snowboarders of all abilities at the Ross School of Business. Club events generally consist of social activities in Ann Arbor and several destination trips throughout the winter. All day and evening MBA students, as well as their spouses and significant others, are encouraged to join the club. Join
    Co-Presidents – Ksenia Burlay & Kelly Clark

  • The Ross Sports Business Club serves to provide students at the Ross School of Business (BBA & MBA) interested in pursuing a career in the business of sports with opportunities to build and/or expand their network in the industry, learn from experienced professionals in the field, understand the different functions and career paths, develop a career plan, and identify and capitalize on potential employment opportunities in sports. Join
    Co-Presidents -Susan Williamson & Brett Scott

  • The Ross Student Association (RSA) is the largest student based organization on campus. The mission of RSA is to ensure that all MBA students have a quality experience outside the classroom during their time in Ann Arbor. RSA provides opportunities for students to socialize, network, and relax during their pursuit of an MBA. Join
    President – Nicole Dessibourg
  • The Ross Supply Chain Management Club's mission is to facilitate an environment that encourages talents from various backgrounds to explore the supply chain field and in turn realize the benefits of the MSCM program at Ross School of Business. Join
    President -  Yubing Ji
  • Since its founding in 1994, the Ross Technology Club (formerly the High-Tech Club) has grown into one of the largest clubs at the Ross School of Business.  As technology becomes more integrated into all aspects of business, the RTC has continued to broaden it's scope to encompass emerging opportunities in technology and related industries.  RTC aims to educate its members on the latest technology trends and innovations, launching future leaders into technology functions, and continue to strengthen Ross's brand in technology.  Join
    President - Nate Franklin
  • Ross Running and Triathlon Club is a club that provides activities around a number of different sport themes. Join
    President – Jennifer Hsu

  • The Ross UK Club exists to enrich the MBA community by promoting UK culture, traditions and careers through social and professional events. The club’s main objective is to connect people from the UK with anyone in the Ross Community who has a broad interest in all things related to the UK in order to network and build mutually beneficial and long lasting friendships. In addition, the club aims to be a source of information for people interested in UK careers and/or doing business in the UK. Join
    President – Akshar Patel

  • The Ross Undergraduate Hispanic and Latin Society (RUHLS) is an undergraduate organization open to all University of Michigan undergraduate students interested in Latino culture. RUHLS aims to provide professional, social, and community involvement opportunities for members Join
    President - Erica Hernandez-Barba
  • The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) at the University of Michigan provides its members with the opportunity to gain knowledge and insight into the diverse field of human resource management. Human resource management is an essential partner in developing and executing organizational strategy, and includes disciplines such as business leadership, ethics & sustainability, and organizational development. As an affiliate of the Greater Ann Arbor chapter of SHRM and the National SHRM organization, we introduce our members to dimensions of human resource management through educational and networking events with current human resource professionals Join
    President – Anne Glazer

  • The Soccer Club provides the opportunity for male and female soccer enthusiasts of all skill levels to enjoy the sport by participating in a variety of different activities such as weekly Sunday morning scrimmages, outdoor and indoor intramural league games, national inter-business school tournaments, game-viewing and other social events. Play is typically at the recreational level, although some events are competitive. Join
    Co-Presidents – Keith Caldwell & Nicholas Zinn & Sulav Singh
  • The mission of the Southern Club is two-fold: 1) The Southern Club aims to educate Ross students and faculty on the value of the South, and 2) The Southern Club aims to educate Southerners (and more specifically, Southern employers) on the value of the Ross MBA. Join
    President – Elizabeth Mills
  • The Ross Squash Club was created to promote recreational and competitive squash. The Club also acts as a forum for likeminded individuals to meet, play, and network. Join
    President – Nayan Behal

  • TAMID Israel Investment Group's mission is to bridge the gap between the American business-minded student and Israel's economy. This goal is achieved by the establishment of a three-phased developmental program. With this tool, amongst others, students will connect with Israel with a comprehensive education, investment opportunity and a summer internship in Israel. By fostering the next generation of American business leaders we will ensure a sustainable and substantive economic relationship between America and Israel in the future. Join
    President - Dan Smith
  • Toastmasters Club is a student organization that provides a platform for Ross students to practice and improve their public speaking abilities. Join
    President - Francesco Tuzzolino
  • The West Coast Forum’s mission is to support the Ross School of Business and its MBA students in career development through corporate and alumni relations, as well as the establishment of the Ross brand and network on the West Coast. Join
    Co-Directors - Lisha Tseng & Jeff Ho
  • The mission of the Wolverine Family Business Club is to facilitate discussion and educate our members on family business challenges through both the collective knowledge of our membership and external speakers, to further develop our networks beyond Ross and for the longer term, and to provide tangible resources to our membership as they enter, re-enter, or consider entering family businesses in the future, including those that will participate as active shareholders. Join
    President - Rahul Agrawal

  • Wolverine Wine Club is a social club that organizes various wine tasting events throughout the year.  Join
    Co-President - Beth Novak & Sam Krouse


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