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Case Competitions

Case competitions offer students a terrific learning experience and the opportunity to develop and strengthen teamwork, leadership, analytical, and presentation skills. These skills will prove to be imperative during the job search process and further into your career. Case competitions can take place at Ross, out of town, or out of state, and often give you the added benefit of being able to network with corporate sponsors and judges.

How to Participate

OSL selects a limited number of case competitions in which to participate each year. Emails announcing the case competition as well as outlining the selection process will be sent as they become available to us.

Depending on the case competition, the selection criteria will change. In general, students will be selected based on their commitment, maturity, motivation, presentation skills, ability to work in a team, and ability to work under pressure. In order to allow for the maximum educational opportunity and participation among BBA students, students will only be selected for one case competition per year, with the exception of the Ross BBA Leadership Case Competition.

Competition Schedule for 2011-12 (subject to change)

Club Case Competitions

Many clubs at Ross organize and sponsor their own case competitions, including internal competitions (only open to Ross students) and external competitions (open to other business schools).  The clubs themselves are responsible for the implementation and execution of the competition, as well as the registration process and competition format.  If you are interested in participating in a particular case competition hosted by a Ross club, contact the club directly to learn more about the competition schedule, eligibility requirements, and registration process.