Christopher Brown - Clear Sky
American, b.1951
Clear Sky, 2007
Soft-ground and spitbite aquatint etching with roulette, scrape and burnish,
38.5 x 33 inches
Edition 17/35
Paulson Press

Alumni Gift

Christopher Brown, a painter active in the Bay area for over two decades, has also produced a striking body of prints at Crown Point Press, the renowned publishing workshop.

The image itself came out of walking through the streets of New York when I lived there. Id see these buildings through trees on the sidewalk, and I kept trying to make images that would conflate trees and buildings. I was never really able to do it. Then one day, I impulsively put a window washer into a painting I had begun two or three years before. Hes a window washer, clearly, but to me hes also a painter. Its a self-portrait, and his washing is me painting. Its the same thing. Im scraping, cleaning, clearing, adjusting the surface, looking for clarity.

~Christopher Brown